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If my memory isn't playing tricks Ken's first race for Derhaag may have been in Trois Riviers I know that was the scene for Richard Spenard's TransAm debut in a Derhaag Firebord

Great memories of Canadians races and racers

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It would be a neat thing if the DTM rented an oval track, maybe one that has turned down by NASCAR, and had an oval race in the deep south!

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Comparing Team Brawn and Haug to the pre-war Mercedes Team is just silly.

75 years ago the might of the German state was the driving force that supported Mercedes against small car companies.

Brawn played over their weight because of Ross Brawn's gamble on reading the rules and the courts agreeing with him.

From mid season on they were just hanging on.

Even Schumacher will not put them out front.

Viva Vettel!