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Mom, I appreciate you encouragement and support. You and Dad are a blessing to me too. We've always claimed that promise in Jeremiah 29:11 and can testify that it's true. I know God will take care of all of us. We'll make sure to see you as much as possible!! Love you!!

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Thanks for your encouragement and prayers! We enjoyed visiting your family too. Hope to see you again soon :)

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I'd use it to print a USGS ( aerial photo of our city so we could be inspired to reach our city for Christ!

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Found an interesting article tonight about open source social networking software. I'm looking at Elgg right now...

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I appreciate your encouragement. My mission field is no more difficult than others. I think that God is teaching me not to rely on "transfer growth." The people we are reaching are generally unchurched. We aren't attracting the "wandering sheep" from other congregations and I suppose that's good. We must remain focused on the lost in our community rather than becoming transfixed on numbers.

I do think that being bivocational helps me stand on the same level as my congregation. I can identify with their daily activities and I'm very sensitive to the issue of burning out our people. If I have a difficult time managing activities at church then my congregation does too.

Amen to the feelings of isolation. I feel alone even when surrounded by a wonderful people and a core group that cares about me. I suppose it's the unique investment that church planters have in the church. I have a hard time putting down my church work.

I agree that mentoring is critical, but have found it difficult to find people who have the time to truly help. I'm passionate about learning from others and will continue to network with other men of God who can share wisdom with me.

Thanks for your input! May God bless your life and ministry as you seek Him!

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Keep up the great work! I've enjoyed your coverage of all things church and tech. God bless!!