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Ditz! Karzai ain't stupid (america's oil baron) staying after stupid bumbling America leavein 2014. i Karzai stays--his head will be on a stake:^/

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Just Imagine the first day of the new USi Presidunce's media introduction to the world--3 cheers for President Ricky Sanatorium (What-ever Sanitorium or Sanitarium)

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Ab'ass--Wasn't the puke booted out in the last Palestine election? Yes siree!
Seems normal practice, for 'all talk' Demockracy USA supporting Dicktakers :^/

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Don't get suck in by Clarke--what he is trying do is--lead the sheep away from Israel Firsters.
He wants you to believe that Arabs were hired or allowed to enter the counrty as if they did the final attack of Sept 11 20001. Sorry Chump but no Arabs were envolved unless you consider Semite Israelies as Arabs.
just one aspect of the 911 that no-one wants to go near--recall Jr. Bush at the Day careon Sept 11 2001?
Ever questioned if any USA president visited ever a day careto read about goats and doesn't it prove that this was an alibi to cover up--
I didn't know a thing about it! Shame Clarke for being a stoooge for the Kosher establishment--lying twit!

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Got to see this video--our poor kids--our future politicians
Romney made a video for grade school kids---same lies--very dangerous man--lost info to post but this will suffice

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Few months ago, I called 3 Federial Canadian politicians and got no where past the reciptionist. Never received a call back. Called Harper Seal's and same thing.
Canada extented the time frame 4 months. Ever wondered why canada is a sidekick follower to America? Ever wondered why Petro Canada is drilling in libya?
Did you know that Petro Canada is now 100% oqwned by USA?
Canada is a tool of USA :^/

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Michael! I suggest you get a copy of the English done documentray called_ " Hidden War of Desert Storm" In two days, the Americans slaughtered over 182,000 fleeing Iraqies on the socalled highway of death. Gutless UN,give Iraq to leave KUawaite 7 days, Usa waited until all Iraqies left Kuawaite and onto this highway--all were slaughtered--a turkey shoot.
I recall, CBC did a news clip--showing the death toll and burning buses.American soldiers were shown looting the dead--hacking burned fingers to retrieve the gold rings. When asked what's in the sacks--Iraq pistols to be sold in flea markets in Kuawaite.I can still see the Americans using axes to bust open the burned out wrecks with the occupants burned out bodies hanging out the windows. Changed my mind about supporting {srael Americans.

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Justin,I like to remind you that the Shoe and Panty bombers used PETN explosives--here is the sick joke done on Americans--Matches or any type of liquid does not explode PETN explosives. (PETN is sold readily as camp fuel)It takes a high explosive electric blasting cap detonater--Lead Azide.Both supposed bombers are in jail on a government scam.Shoe bomber's matches were wet due to high sweat in his socks,please lord,release the patsy from jail.
Justin you missed one glareing point of interest--Mr> Chertoff has a big interest in the airport body scanners.Canada order over 65 units months prior to the Xmas staged }}}}}} bombing

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Iran better stop shooting it's mouth off and be very cautious with the Jews controlling 3/4 of the earth, Notice Jewish heavies are in control-in most NATO countries. Israel is takening part of the NATO war games.

Iran-here is good advice--play dead :^/

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Tax the rich more? Fools abound!
FYI: They will make up the loss by slapping it on the poor.Notice congress and Senate had got an increase in saleriesand benefits? Rush Limpball's contract pays him $37 million/year and I bet he gets a big tax return instead of paying taxes.