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I want Obama ousted as President as much as the next guy, but I have a real problem with this article.

The first is that the only two country acts on Obama's list are The Band Perry and Lady Antebellum, so the article is somewhat misleading. This is particularly true if you consider that most of the article isn't about those country acts being "courted". (I guess that word is supposed to make the article seem more Country.) Management for Lady Antebellum openly states in the linked article that they have no intention of getting involved in politics. There's no statement by The Band Perry, but considering they only have one hit song and probably won't be around long, it matters little.

My second issue is that the writer clearly knows nothing about Country music. I'm a hard Right guy and I'm proud to say that I'm part of a crowd that's redneck and loud, but the writer is assuming a lot. Not every Country is fan is into politics. And not every country act hates Obama. Toby Kieth, a man noted for writing Right songs about loving America and publicly feuding with the Dixie Chicks, made it known he was voting for Obama in the last election. Also, Obama invited Country stars to perform at his concert series. Brad Paisley, one of the biggest Country stars on the planet, performed for him. Paisley never said whether he'd vote for Obama, but I doubt he hates the man if he's willing to play for the Emperor while Rome burns.

Anyway, that's my gripe. Do some research before you write, or hire someone who actually knows Country.

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I have no idea if that number is correct, but you're missing a whole lot of facts there. The Dixie Chicks were a huge band when they decided to start talking politics. After the incident, country stations stopped playing their music for a long time, and even now only play a few of their bigger hits on a rare occasion. They made that statement assuming they were a big enough crossover act that they would stay on top. They weren't. Mainstream stations stopped playing their music as well.

Things got worse. Yes they did release an album later, but it didn't really do much for them. It didn't get any airplay on radio stations. And eventually their band just stopped trying. I'm not sure what Maines is doing, but the sisters are trying to reignite their careers under a different name. It's not working. Their careers are done.

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Actually Kurt, its YOU who's missing the point. While I agree the Dixon brothers are typical caricatured Hollywood-designed villains, you are absolutely wrong about what Walking Dead is supposed to be.

Walking Dead, as originally written by the great Robert Kirkman, is not a zombie story. It's a story about the price of survival after the world has ended. In other words, it's a psychological drama. If you want a story where every five seconds a zombie jumps out at you, that's fine. Go watch a George Romero film. There's plenty of that out there.

That's not what Walking Dead is intended to be. And that's not what ANYONE wants it to be. You should have done some research before writing this.

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How is Harry Potter in any way similar to any of those things? Star Wars has more in common (thematically, anyway) with Chronicles of Narnia than Harry Potter.

A better comparison would be Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic.

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Actually John, that trailer is for both Parts 1 and 2, not just the first. In fact most of the trailer is from Part 2.

I love the Potter series. The first two movies were boring, but Alphonso Cuaron's masterful direction of the third made me a fan. By the end of year 5, I immediately went out and read the last 2 books. They're both fantastic.

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except in this case, she wasn't even mentioned. the whole point of the article is that the reviewer is so unbalanced and biased that he can't keep his political opinions out of a review of a fiction book that isn't even loosely related to politics.

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1) she isn't "prostituting" herself as a political candidate -how nice of you to call her a whore, by the way- she isn't running for anything.
2) she is covered more by progressive "News" sources like MSNBC and the NYT than by Fox, though admittedly that will be changing soon since she works for Fox.
3) people like you constantly refer to her as saying stupid things, but to anyone with a basic knowledge of how the US Gov't was designed to work, the majority of the things she says makes perfect sense. In other words, you only call her stupid bc you disagree with her. Congratulations, you're a misogynist AND a jackass.
4)If you don't like her, Fox News or sites like- oh I dunno, Big Hollywood- don't watch them. I hate Bill Maher, so the only way I find out about the ignorant, psychotic ramblings he spouts is when he gets in the news for saying outrageously ignorant, psychotic ramblings.

5- Grow up.

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I believe they think they know everything bc they research roles. In other words, if Matt Damon spends 3 days following a Quantum Physicist around, he believes that make him qualified to speak on the subject. If you're in Hollywood long enough, it will eventual suck any trace of reality from your life.

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If I could name an Unholy Trinity of Political Prostitutes, I would start with Michael Moore, move down to Janeanne Garofalo and finish with Maher.

I have a hard time getting angry at the things these 3 say (although I did take exception to Garofalo attempting to malign the good name of Rednecks) precisely because with every word they speak they demonstrate a profound lack of knowledge about everything they believe. Each thinks of themselves as the sole voice of reason in the world, when the reality is everything they speak is so out of touch with reality that one must wonder if they get their information by wiring tin-foil hats to satellite dishes. A simple google search could disprove every single claim they've ever made, and yet they seem incapable of that.

I look at people like Jon Stewart and Kieth Olbermann and I get angry, because at least they have an audience (such as it is) that takes them seriously. Those people are dangerous because the mis-information they spread is arguably credible. Maher and company are not credible. They never have been.

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Maher ISN'T a successful comedian. He's never has been successful as a comic. He got a couple of D-list acting roles in the 80s that made him mildly famous. He's only still famous because of the political talk shows he's hosted for the last 20 years. Nolte correctly points out that Maher is ironically describing himself better than anyone else.

And by the way, if you're going to accuse people of being cowards, you might want to leave contact links instead of a black slate like wr2. Otherwise you've invalidated yourself from the conversation.