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It doesn't surprise me she didn't have the guts to issue a proper override. What does surprise me is she found someone with even less spine than she AND enough access to the files to perpetrate the fraud for her.

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"The value of the letterhead involved here is probably a couple of dollars "

The voice of office is only worth a couple of dollars?

Maybe on his shift.

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Really? Its on Letterhead meaning the department itself is being misrepresented and as it stands now either Biggs or Singh is being personally misrepresented because at the least either one or the other signed the document without either acknowledging the change or never seeing it.

It doesn't matter if its a contract or not. Under normal circumstances any employee pulling stunt like this would be out on their ear. Under current circumstances if it wasn't the government's idea marching them out in handcuffs wouldn't be setting precident. What's (more or less) unique about this situation is that whoever did it is enjoying the protection of a cover-up.

It's a case of malfeasant fraud. Not that I think many are expecting to see justice. Such are not the times.

You said it yourself, it was an aid. Oda is avoiding saying that because she's aware that her aids are also her agents. Ordered to or not, In matters legal, what her appointed agents do she does. It's a corporate accountability thing.

Biggs knew? She's an appointee. That's conspiracy.

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She's still lying. There isn't public servant worth their salt that would ink that in without initialling it. Sure it puts them on the nut at the start of the trail but that's a far cry better than spending the rest of their lives knowing they hung everyone else in the office out to dry.

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Forgive me then for thinking that actions speak louder than words.

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Curious. How many non-confidence votes have the Liberals backed down on since then?

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PHILOSOPHY "at its broadest is concerned with the analysis of existence and the way humans find meaning in their existence in the world." Existentialism struggles to find meaning in a world that has none.

That said and considering he's talking about Ottawa, Tony may have a point. Not the one he was trying to make, but a point nonetheless.

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or not


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Ye Gawds. It was aggrevating enough watching "paradigm shift" get reduced to an office buzzword. I don't care if it DOES help the trains run on time, please don't tell me existentialism has been stripped of its ontology as well.

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Initials are conspicuous by their absense. Oda's indifference to that proves she is unfit for ministerial office.