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I'm now making changes to the list after having spoken with Bobby at JRL -
# Best Gay Porn Star Website -

(BAREBACK CATEGORY) - Is PoliceBoy a bareback video ? Looks to me judging from the promotion screencaps I see condoms. JRL has removed that title from the list as of 8:30pm ET 5/31/2010 and has been marked through on our list.

(PRODUCER OF THE YEAR) Chi Chi Larue is a director. The producer of Larue's films is known as Channel 1 Releasing. The entire category seems to be listed in the manner of name of studio head as opposed to company name.

(BEST LATIN BOTTOM) Philippe Delvaux is not latin, he hail from Beligum - and in my opinion one of the sexiest performers in the biz - Awaiting, confirmation from Lucas Karzan as to whether Jean Franko is latin (I'm thinking Franko is italian).

Several of our other readers have suggested that Jesse Santana and Pierre Fitch are not twinks. While difficult to define, I will say that Jesse and Pierre will be considered twinks for the purposes of these nominations.

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Austin Wild relates on his twitter that the "only thing straight there is the bed-posts" funny!

see Austin's Tweet Post -

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I totally agree with where you are coming from and feel that this issue should be expanded up.

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This parody of Alaskan hunk Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin's almost son-in-law, and his misstep into the world of nude modeling, is a scorcher, directed by Chris Steele for Jet Set Men. A passionate opening by returning legend Mark Dalton leads Levi down a path of sex, lies and magazine covers. Levi gets into it with superstars like Landon Mycles, Jesse Santana and the irrepressible Brent Corrigan. Mega-studs Diesel Washington, Dallas Reeves, and Luke Marcum also give the guys their fill. Two Levi look-alikes take on the leading role - Casey Monroe as the current Levi and Tommy G. as Young Levi, the stud in his youthful hockey-playing past. Lisa Ann (Nailin Palin) plays Levi's nemesis Serra Paylin, the political phenomenon.

You can check out the complete video at:

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The Newcomer nominations are full of people who have been in the industry since Moby Dick was a minnow.

How can you call a Channel 1 Releasing movie a Fetish?

Brent Corrigan's Working Hard is considered a Comedy?

Best Pornstar Website ??? ClubJasonSparks is a pornsite as a whole, Washington's site is a BLOG only site ...

OH WELL, its just a show!

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that boy sure is fucking hot!!!

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This is just a riot! love it -- its so scary to think there really is a troll like this on the net!

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Following today's posting of the civil complaint filed in this matter, I'm somewhat confused as to why the complaint doesn't directly name the model, Justin Kreuger as defendant. I do see John Doe 1-10, however in paragraph 13 its states that 1-10 are - owners and operators of the escort website.

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Thanks Marc for sharing the facts with us. Much appreciated.