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additionally, i also wonder how much money Turner lost on their misadventure with REAL and how the TW board will view this new purchase.

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well, they seem to have dodged the bullet for now but lets see what they do with this money and how things progress. In my interaction with some NDTV PROFIT staff i have always got the feeling that in terms of checks and processes they (PROFIT) were the weakest of their competitors and most hamstrung. ____so hopefully things will improve..

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i just demoed a thin client system and it worked well for me. i run an animation studio and have been having a torrid time with failing hardware and absolutely rubbish hardware engineering services.

To get rid of it i am testing out thin client set ups and they would work well for SME's where management issues go down as well as data security is better. However there are issues with single point failure of server can stop all work, as well as apparently issues with software licenses being fairly expensive..

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yeah right, ill reserve judgement on all this chit chat. number portability still has not happened so something as huge a deal as converting to digital, god knows how long it will take.

After all the brouhahah on CAS it still has not had a citywide rollout... geez.. what makes them think they are competent enough to make statements like this?

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I wonder how much money this will make.. i hope they release some figures somehow about the sales..

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Pyramid Samaira have a terrible go at picking films for distribution, whoever is in charge of the division needs to get fired big time. Some of the movies they picked were dreadful Jimmy, Mumbai Salsa, Mr White & Mr.Black, etc.

The others they picked seemed like decent propositions but came in too expensive and then proceeded to tank.