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We refuse to become non-profit for the Heritage Training Center. You can imagine by this how I feel about the TAC status...yep, stay as you are. Here is a copy of our disclaimer from our donation page;

Your receipt will have ‘Our Heritage Alliance, LLC” as the payee . Please note we are not willing to submit to government oversight of our curriculum therefore we are not applying for non-profit status and your donation will not be tax deductible.

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One reference from the book Thomas Woods recommended in another Facebook post was Upshur's essay on the Constitution. We have provided it here for those who want to read it while waiting for Nullification to come out the 28th;

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The most efficient government is a despot. Founders were not concerned with efficiency but quality and liberty. Very strong article, thank you!!

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Taxpayer money, Utah taxpayer money, your tax dollars are always better spent locally first and foremost just as you are always better to be responsible for yourself rather than from the federal level down. This was the strength of our country for over 150 years and this must be restored if we are to avoid further waste of our children's future. Proper government at all levels secures the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity while improper government reduces liberty. You may not like Wimmer and crew personally, that is fine. You may not like their politics personally, that is fine. However, do not allow your dislike for the people blind you to the truth of what is best for educating our kids because you are responsible and you are needed to hold elected people responsible for upholding their Oath of Office to defend our Constitution and protect our children's future.

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Many of the so-called responsible scholars are irresponsible in their public comments regarding the supremacy, commerce, and general welfare clauses. Their limited, public interpretation misleads people into believing the federal government is always right and states are always wrong which simply is false. It is not only about a possible victory or loss in is an obligation if we are to protect our kids opportunity to live free.

States have failed to stand up to their duties and responsibility for so many decades people no longer know what self-government, separation of powers, checks and balances are about. Educating our kids is more than a mere classroom obligation; we must live responsible lives based on the principles of federalism, self-government, and the rule of law. We struggle financially as a state not due to the 10th Amendment efforts today but the lack of them when federal usurpation set unfunded mandates upon us.

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Michele, you are right in the fact Utah is awake. My point, for those of us awake, is we must be ready to help awaken our neighbors so they will help in the fight to restore order. Thank you for all you are doing!

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What was I thinking, thanks for keeping me straight!

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Thank you BK. I have really enjoyed teaching as I learn so much when I do. There are countless sources and pamphlets that after my mere 34 years of in-depth study I still find, amazing. I think you struck on a root to our challenge...they never really know what their obligations are in the first place. My Saturday radio show co-host Gary Alder and I really want to work on a course for candidates and newly elected local servants...the time, where is the time. Speaking of which, time I get to work.

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It is largely semantics yet the use of labels and words are very important as our detractors will fight to the end for the use of imagery they can bring to the uninformed when it comes to our core issue of necessitating state legislatures to stand by their sworn duty in defense of our Constitution and people's rights.

Also, there are many states in the union that were required to add a section similar to Utah's Article 1, Section 3;

Sec. 3. [Utah inseparable from the Union.] The State of Utah is an inseparable part of the Federal Union and the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.

The inseparable agreement would then need to be overturned and the efforts for this would be counter productive to the fact we don't want to separate, we want our United States restored. So though it is semantics it is, in my humble view, a critical aspect in the education of those who are now involved and those who will become involved in this root struggle for our future posterity's liberty.

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Thank you J.R. for bringing up some critical insights into both the importance of the Jury Box and the declining use of it in today's courts, alarming on all levels. For years I have explained to people we basically have four boxes from which we can defend our civil liberty. Although this is broken down to the overly simple and many may say it is too basic in meaning it gets the point home for many. The four boxes are;

1. The Ballot Box - this box is extremely powerful if we use it in an educated, local up fashion and do not get caught up in only the romance of federal elections nor fall into the 'horse race' mentality of having to vote for a winner, this horse or that horse, or your just throwing money away on your 'bet' which is how elections have been marketed for too long.

2. The Soap Box - this box also requires us to be well educated and articulate in our comments. If the soap box is used to shout when passionate discourse will do it is misused. If, on the other hand, passionate shouting is necessary for the moment a whisper will not create the educated action necessary for effective results.

3. The Jury Box - we have spent far too long running from jury duty. As you have quoted from Thomas Jefferson, it is much preferred to stand before the law with an educated jury in the box. Educated jurors have set many innocent free while shining light on unconstitutional laws and oppressive rules which never should have reached a point of use against citizens. Many...yet far more have been jailed because we do not gain the education and, if we do, when the call to jury comes we are far too busy to serve. So it is the less educated who listen in awe to the jury instruction, question the accused without questioning the law first. Without notice, without care the use of trial by jury shrinks as you indicate yet citizens don't take notice because this simply means there will be reduced inconvenience from the jury notices that cause us to roll our eyes and figure out how we can avoid the day or days of DUTY.

4. The Cartridge Box - this is by far the least of the boxes we should desire to use. It ends in terrible ways, wars and skirmishes need not be fought, nor does are freedom need to be defended in this way if we reawaken to the first 3 boxes and use them through educated action.

Key to each and all is a restoration through education. It is a restoration also, not a revolution nor a new construction. We are not in need of re-making America, changing America, we are in need of restoring her to her glory. Like all restorations it will look very ugly as we must tear down years of abuse and bad construction before we can restore the beauty within our system. However, when our grand children's children gaze upon the efforts and realize the tools to keep it beautiful are stored in 3 well used boxes, and 1 carefully locked box, and are rather easy to use if we use them together our United States society will prosper for centuries to follow. Education will lead to action that can make this restoration a success. 'Only the educated are free.' Epictetus

Gary Wood