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Frankly, this isn't worth a shit. I just tried the demo and, after spending at least ten minutes trying to get it set up to communicate with my MIDI keyboard, found that it doesn't. Period. Worthless crap. As for the so-called VST support, I couldn't even get it to find my VST plugins, let alone load any of them. No, thanks. I'll stick with Acoustica Mixcraft 4.0, which blows this piece of crap away and costs $155 less.

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Well, admittedly, I haven't seen Record, yet, though I will say that's not what I got from the rather feeble product descriptions I've read. If, as you say, it contains Reason and all it's devices and Refills, then I guess it is something different from what I had read it was. That would, essentially, make it a new version of Reason, then, with audio recording features included.

On second thought...I've just watched the Record demo video on Propellerheads's website and I didn't see Reason "in there" at all. Yes, it does have a "rack" with some Reason-like components in it, but this is NOT Reason itself. Where is Thor, for example? The narrator makes no mention of Reason being included in the program at all. So, again, it's a another stand-alone program, just as I said.


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Torley, of course Record is aimed at Reason users as its primary market. It is meant to address the years of complaining we've done about the lack of audio recording in Reason. It will have no real appeal to anyone not already using Reason, as there are far better solutions readily available for less money (like Acoustica Mixcraft, which I mentioned above).

The problem is, Record is a stand-alone program and is not integrated within Reason, as Reason users have long been hoping for. I believe this will only disappoint those who have wanted audio recording in Reason, and rightly so.


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As a user of Reason 3.0, I agree wholeheartedly with you, Tom. We Reason users have been complaining for years that it's a simple matter to include audio recording within Reason itself, yet its makers have continually denied this is so, for some strange reason. Consequently, as you've suggested, I eventually searched out a fully capable solution as a replacement for Reason and have never looked back since. For almost two years, I've used Acoustica Mixcraft, instead. It is both a MIDI and audio recorder, with drag-and-drop clip and looping capabilities that make it far more flexible than Reason has ever been, and it's also easier and quicker to use than Reason - plus, at $79.95 ($69.95 for the downloadable version), it beats Reason hands down where price is concerned. It also has full effects, a library of loops and samples that comes with the program, and you get free updates and upgrades for life. I find Mixcraft to be a complete solution to all my recording needs, whether it's composing and recording electronic music or recording a podcast. It is a highly versatile product that I would recommend to any musician, composer or songwriter.