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The union and the teachers should be fined as of last Tuesday. That's when they began breaking the law. Actually they began breaking the law the first day they went on strike. I don't know how many teachers are in the Kent School District, but let's see, $200 times ???? would bring a lot of money into the State coffers. And then we could spend it on...let's maybe? So I say to the Kent teacher dudes and dudettes, "Help education; stay on strike."

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Ed is the man!

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What a dope! I got caught up in them Amway Revivals. My folks had to hire some interventionists to save me. There's a psychological term for Glenn Beck..."He's a nutcase!"

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I spent eleven years at the Times, back in the days when both papers battled for circulation supremecy. The Times finally took the lead and was extremely prosperous. We all wanted to beat the P.I., but none of us wanted to defeat the P.I. So, yes this is a very sad day for Seattle and Western Washington. But is there a sadder day on the way? When the Times locks it's doors?

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Linda Byron's report is pretty much true. I worked for one of Seattle's two leading dailies for eleven years and know a few people at both papers who are in positions to know what is happening. It may not be announced today, but Hearst is definitely going to dump the P.I. Trust me.

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Let's not get too down on Senator Craig. Afterall, he was voted Idaho Citizen of the Year (or something like that) last year. I was at the ceremony in Boise last summer when the Mayor gave the Senator the key to...the men's room

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Good thoughts. It's posted on the blog.

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Yes. Absolutely. Keep that stuff at the local and state level. Try to keep the feds out of our business as much as possible. Why you be askin'?

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I agree with you. ken is not smart.
John in Longbrand