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Both cities became too large as a share of Saskatchewan's population to be represented with only two seats. So they became most of three seats. The Tories could only win those seats if they were competitive within the cites, and then dominant in the sticks.

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Sorry, that should be "existence" of course.

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One seat was all the Liberals were shooting for. Sask. wasn't a much higher priority for the federal NDP, and hasn't been since Layton took over; Dippers' vote totals here reflect that. Also, the Tories took 56% percent of the vote in Sask.; they'd have been big winners in any system you can name. (Especially given that it's a three-way race.)

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He meant Fantino would literally knock him off.

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One must note that the employment of Canadians in the arts is the principal defence usually cited for government support, so maybe calling these projects Canadian isn't so bad, if jobs and other economic results are really the primary goal. Few would even pretend that we want to have a Canadian film industry because we're keen to watch Canadian stories on screen.

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Fair enough. Of course, one problem is that he may not be able to make it stick. What if Layton demands cabinet positions for the NDP? Would Ignatieff really choose to pass up power based on keeping this one promise? One doesn't have to be a cynic to believe that no, he'd go back on his word. Heck, many of his supporters would be glad if he did.

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I don't think a momentary variation in the polls should change anyone's strategy - the parties all have more and better polls than we do, for one thing - but one must note that the Liberals don't criticize the NDP very often or effectively on the campaign trail. They prefer to stick to the narrative that they're the only alternative to the Tories and switching gears would be hard.

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One must note that they recommend voting Bloc Quebecois, where possible, to stop the Conservatives. Such proud Canadians they must be, too!

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These sinister corporations are going to get me hooked on a non-addictive substance, somehow.

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It's very bad optics, in any arm of show business, to book a venue that's too large; empty seats look terrible.