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I really didn't do a lot of saving. Internet was reliable and fast enough for me. If I ever did grab something I didn't want found it just went into the deepest folders of some music project files. I was the only one to ever use the program and you'd only view those folders from the program's browser anyways, so if the file extension didn't match, it didn't display.

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No kids were involved: My girlfriend introduced me to Gravity Falls. We watched the entire first season in a day. It's a good show. I am not surprised I wasn't the first to mention it.

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mm, 'dat sass

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Confession: I've never seen Ghostbusters


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Interestingly, on the thought that they knew who Obi-Wan was. I read an old novel version of Return of the Jedi a couple months ago. According to that, Owen was originally supposed to be Obi-Wan's brother, not Luke's biological uncle.

This actually kinda makes more sense to me. It's implied Jedi leave their family behind when they join the Order so Obi-Wan could have very well been the only one who even knew who Owen was. After all that buttcrap with Emperor Rancid goes down Obi-wan shows up and is like "Heeeey brother." You could say Owen was hesitant but maybe he and Beru weren't able to have kids so he agrees and tells Obi-Wan to keep his distance.

Honestly makes more sense to me than "Ok dude. My dad married some girl. Her kid showed up, went on a rampage and pillaged an entire Tusken clan, I never saw him again. He went super evil and helped murder the galaxy. He knows who I am AND who you are, and you want me to take care of his kid? Sure, this all sounds wonderful."

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...fancy sketch demand!

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Eh, it's really the same joke. I've just seen too much Dora in my time. I wouldn't even have thought of it if I hadn't read yours first.

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*sighs* "Ok kiddo. Let me tell you about somebody we all like to call the EFE..."

I choose to believe Joel will teach all related comics as inarguably true historic documents. When the time comes.

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A little late, but might I propose "Swipe the leg"?

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This strip just got shared by The Escapist on Facebook. I had already read it, but it was kinda cool seeing it pop up in an unexpected place.

I'm sure it's not the first time, but I thought it mentionable at least.