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632 weeks ago @ Genderfork - Sealskin coat. · 0 replies · +1 points

I love this post so much, because a jacket that was made only with function in mind becomes something so much more.

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One thing I never understood about sexuality is how th breasts of a biologically female body become almost equivalent to a sexual organ. It did not completely click with me from the start, because when I think of the breasts, I normally just tend to think of the life they give (i.e. breast feeding). But on a contemplative note, people get aroused very easily by the male nipples and chest. It may be just one more mystery of the human sexuality. Anyway, I still think that the chest of a male body is pretty equal with the chest of a female body. I am actually attracted to the male bodied chest, but everyone should have the same chances at comfort.

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Yes, they were! I love the period and the art.

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One of the things that I really like when thinking about makeup is I automatically think of gender presentation in ancient Egypt. I saw some pictures of a female-bodied queen who had transitioned and lived as a male - and she was pharaoh in a period (she even wore the traditional male faux goatee and such). Also, some makeup and cosmetics have had a spiritual and rather genderless role for quite a while. People used to line their eyes with Kohl to protect from curses like the Evil Eye.
It's the things like that- they excite me and make me proud to be androgynous.

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I love this pic- it reminds me of Katy Perry's album art for ''one of the boys''.

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I love how kids understand so much and accept such differences. I know many say 'they don't know any better yet' , but I don't think so. I think the real reason is that indoctrination ha not taken its root yet.

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I saw this short film a couple of months ago, and LOVED it! great recommendation!

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Yes it certainly is! great pic!