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Social security was never meant to be a retirement fund. retired people blow their whole check in Vegas and it makes me sick. Makes me wanna push their "f"ing wheel chair down the casino steps

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As much as I have to agree with the ruling -- it would suggest activism on a global scale.

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I don't understand why we are in Iraq when we have an unsecure border. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to give the average Iraqi a better life when we ourselves are having our own people thrown out of their homes while illegals take construciton jobs away from them. I know plenty of out of work loan officers that will do a janitor job or landscaping or just about anything to feed themselves and their families. You see public works jobs taken over by Mexicans and you know where that money is going. Stop funding foreign wars and start defending our own border.

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The problem with fossil fuels is the economical threat it imposes on the West. Even thou we get most of our oil from Canada and Mexico, the cheapest and best oil is in countries hostile to Israel. Israel needs us to be dependent on Middle East oil to maintain the Ad Hoc premise of defending the "Holy land". If we were not dependent on foreign oil (most Americans don't care or see pass the cost of fueling their tanks), we would only have the excuse of defending Israel by our Christian heritage of keeping the Holy Land sacred to Christians and therefore not turned over to the Muslims like Istanbul... Israel depends on this strategy as it is displayed over and over on FPM with their lack of substance leading to some of thier false premises

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Let's say that hypothetically Texas declared itself independent during George and Barbara's point of conception--- just for the sake of arguement for you pro lifers okay? (aghhhhh what an awefull image!!!) and it was right after George ditched his plane in the sea at sea, that would make G.W unqualified.
But yet all you jack-off birthers know he is qualified based on his inate background as an assimulated American and how his family have been a significant contributer to our society.

The only reason why you question the Hawaiian is not because of some twisted interpretation but rather because you would deny people their right to vote because you simply don't like their choice. If it was the other way around, you would be defending your choice for President. That makes you bad Americans which all fanatics, left or right ,are.

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You birthers don't know the law --- I have a daughter who was born in China. I'm a naturalized American and her Mother is Chinese. As soon as I had her birth certificate in my hand, I went to the American consulate in Guangzhou and got her passport immediatly!! Her older brother, born from the same Mother, was born in Los Angeles but he has spent the majority of his life in China with his Mother while I travel all over the world working, supporting the both of them while paying U.S. income tax. The both of them would be subjected to qualification for President not because of where they were born, or if one or both of their parents are naturalized parents but rather their time spent in the U.S as being assimulated into American democracy.
You missed the "INTENT" of the constitution in probably every admendment including the Bill of Rights. In the Context of the times, they simply didn't want one of King George's kids claiming an American throne for Briton by being elected President of the United States. Ahhh but that didn't stop George's little swine from the lone star state from getting elected thus us all getting in the shorts in the long run right?

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lol, they didn't buy it --- it was given to them through the British Mandate. Much of the middle east was given to the various ethnic groups after WW2. Israel is the only country created under the speculation of removing another ethnic group so your wrong

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Or how about if I give a shit-ism about Zionism? Is that also anti-semitism? If we create a policy to stop supporting Israel and start negotiating with the Arabs is that anti-semitism? Semites includes Arabs so too bad because it isn't your own little private word to make the rest of us feel guilty for not caring about Israel as much as lets say Sudan or Ethiopia. I guess that makes me anti-ethiopianism/sudanism if I cared more about Israel.

So what does it make me if I don't give a shit about any of your isms and just care about the welfare of my family and fellow Americans? That makes me American pal and my country, the U>S or A needs no handouts from anyone and we can protect our borders much better without Israel.

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The thing is if Obama really suceeds like you would want to suggest, we wouldn't "go down with Israel as you suggest -- on the contrary. Israel has been nothing but a liability to our national debt as well as out foreign relations abroad. The only reason why we have to turn our airports into fortresses is because of Israel.
Bottom line: the Hollywood types didn't elect Obama, the American people OVERWELMINGLY voted him in as a new mandate and that new mandate is to put U.S. interests before Israel and that may mean sending them to fight their own battles.

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We have a cap on offshore drilling in California. Shell oil operates one of the few off shore operations on the Southern California border just South of Santa Barbara. There has always been a degree of oil in the water there. You can smell it, you can see the blue gas like tint in the water. The other thing I noticed, fishing off the pier, is that you pretty much only catch bottom feeders such as Sand sharks. Along Malibu, where the water is pristine, I've seen dolphins surfing the waves - they certainly know where the clean water is!

The Gulf of Mexico is surrounded by all GOP states --- Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. These people have created jobs through oil where as California has an economy base otherwise.

Long story short: -- when the hurricanes come larger than normal due to global warming and sucks that oil into the fierce inner circle of those storms and lightning strikes and catches that oil of fire with 100 mph winds, we are going to have a GOP winnie roast and therefore some our country's problems will be solved!!! lol