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I'm an American conservative who lives in Canada half the year. Let me tell you, you have about as much chance at running across an albino Bigfoot as running across a Canadian conservative. The CBC is actually state subsidized, and the "state" there is uber liberal. They have a pretty low opinion about American conservatives and America in general actually. The only place with any appreciable # of conservatives is oil rich Alberta. The Canadian fed govt makes Alberta share their oil revenue with the other provinces. It's called "transfer payments". If you ever want to get a Canadian going, ask them about those transfer payments. They'll either be from a province that gets them and be all for them, or be from Alberta and get red in the face.

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Hey Black Lib, I'm just curious, is the all black Tea Party chapter in California racist as well? How about the black guy I stood next to at a Tampa Tea Party who was holding a sign that read, "Socialism is trickle up poverty". How about all the black speakers at every Tea Party I've ever been to? How about Dr Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams? Larry Elder?

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This is the 1st step. Another big step would be for many parents to stop acting like their little angels could ever do anything long. A little discipline would go a long way. Parents need to be parents 1st, friends 2nd.

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Face it, Obama could have stood at the podium and professed he was sent from another galaxy to save earth and the brain dead, "govt can solve all my problems" liberals would have clapped with that glazed over look in their eye. It's called cult of personality. Ask Germany how well it worked out for them.

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Hey Joe Steel, the problem is you believe govt handouts actually help people. Many believe it traps them in govt dependence. Go see what African American Stanford Economist, and former Marxist, Thomas Sowell says about welfare. George Mason Univ economist, and African American, Walter Williams says the same thing. Welfare encourages illegitimacy, which is the truly vile thing about it. Works out well though for you if you're the one handing out the "free" goodies and are merely trying to create more voters.

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Problem is Joe, where does the federal govt have the constitutional right to do many of the THINGS they're doing? If the federal govt hadn't gotten into the social engineering business, we'd be fine. Per the Xth amendment, if the individual states want to dabble in social engineering, it's their constitutional right. For example, I don't believe in socialized medicine, but if Massachussettes wants to give it a try, go for it. But if you're a state that goes broke giving socialism a try, don't come looking for a federal bailout. Similar to if you're a company like GM that gives away the store to the unions, you need to go under and try Plan B. It's not my problem here in Florida that you cowed to the unions.

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Hopefully whoever gets the nomination will pass many of those ideas. IMO, the balanced budget amendment is the biggie. We should have to live within our means and only go in serious debt if the national security is in grave danger. Don't spend more than what ya got, what a concept.

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Gov Malloy must be angling for a job as Minister of Propaganda.

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The Red States need to seriously consider secession! The libs are just gonna continue to buy votes with govt handouts and drag us all down. It's time to jump off the Titanic and swim far enough away before it sucks us into the abyss. Let the libs stay on and continue to back up and ram the iceberg over and over. If Texas secedes, I'm there! I just need a lake to fish on.

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Hey "Forwardthinker", democrats have been in charge of Detroit for quite some time? How has that worked out for them? After what the NLRB just did to Boeing, why would ANY business set up or move shop to a union state? So how is a victim of liberalism like Detroit ever supposed to crawl out of it's hole? W/out a govt (taxpayer) bailout that is. We don't need "zingers" to slap you liberals down, just facts.