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I did something even worse! I forgot the condom on my dick, so my wife saw me taking it out in the bathroom! Another time she smelled my dick, and it was smelling of plastic due to the earlier use of condom. But this convinced her that i needed more sexual freedom, so i took her with me on the sex games. I went to a parking lot, and while i was fucking her, a guy approached and he finished masturbating on her ass cheeks! Slowly slowly i made her to like sex orgies so now we visit swinger clubs in Holland to have fun! There is nothing better than to do the sex perversions together as a couple and not behind each other's back. You women have to understand, that Monogamy serves only the women's interests, not men's. Even if we were married to super-models, we would get bored fucking the same person after 50-100 times. We need to change women, but only rich people can have these lives. When u are lower or middle-class, then u cannot afford to change women, it is too much money. So try it with your husband and invite a guy over to the house or some hotel, and make a 3-some. trust me he will love u seeing like this: both wife and hooker in one package! :)))))

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Live in your plastic bubble to avoid STD's and just die of boredom like the rest! But all this is just to promote monogamy. That is all u care. The men not to leave u after your 30-35 yrs when u are finished as women. What u promote is long-term prostitution, u just have 1 man to fuck, so it is easier for u, right?

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Ofcourse the solution is to marry long-term whores like u, so when u divorce u get all the money...this money could probably supply a lifetime of models to your husband, prettier than u, and different every day! WE CANNOT FUCK THE SAME WOMAN AFTER 10-20 TIMES!!! Then it is just work! U women just cannot get this! Monogamy is only to your interest, not the men's. And before u judge on the sex orgies, go and have a 3-some with 2 guys, and then judge! But who knows how ugly u are...

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Oh! and i forgot to tell u: Whores are not the ones who sell their body for sex, it is women like yourself who play it nice and loving, when all u care is to find an idiot to take care of u for life! Why does the amount and perversion of sex determine that a woman is bad? These believings are from the medieval ages, an allibi for women to keep their men in monogamous relations. But if men were smart, they would have women like u sucking dicks for a living. And u are such whores, that u have manipulated the US justice system so much, that when u get divorced u get most of the husband's money. With this money, the husband would probably have a lifetime of sex with different models, and not ugly bitches like yourself! But fortunately the men have awakened, and as time passes, fewer marriages will be performed, and bitches like you will have to live on their own money. That is why here in Europe we make fun of the Americans. U work all the time, u live boring and conservative lives, and still u got fucked and broke!! That is how stupid u are!!!!

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So honorable is a woman who does not have multiple partners? This is what happens when u grow in a society with propaganda about the ONE U can have thousands of options of compatible partners, not just one! But of course when u are middle or working class without money, like yourself, u cannot afford to change a lot of partners, and end up fucking with the same person for life! Abnormal is for men to fuck the same woman for life, when we all know that women over 30-35 are finished! Do u see any rich people staying with the same woman for over 5-10 years? But the majority is condemned to live poor lives, having to put up with their partners for life! By the way, have y tried to swallow urine? There is a trick in the porn business, that u dring at least 2 litres of water so your piss becomes tasteless and white like water, so it smells nothing. And the toilets that u call dirty, are Sets build for the shootings, u stupid ignorant bitch! Go and live your miserable life, we need idiots like yourself for consumers purposes