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CPC Candidates testified in front of Parliament, saying they refused to participate because they viewed the scheme to be illegal.

These guys knew exactly what they were doing.

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Since Bono is pushing 60 years old, perhaps he can take off those ridiculous shades when hes indoors.

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That guys math is always questionable.

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Why does the press corp agree to show up to ANY CPC events anymore?

I've worked in places in sub saharan africa who have more access to their officials than you guys. You think the Whitehouse Press Corp would put up with this BS? Not for a minute. They would boycott these staged managed events until they were allowed to do their job properly.

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I hear they are sending Brad Trost to the announcement.

Who better to represent cutting edge science than a man who thinks the world is 6000 years old?

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The book actually goes into quite a bit of detail about Ben-Ami's short lived relationship with the evangalicals in ottawa, which quickly ended over disagreement on issues of tactics.

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Yes, but what percentage are practicing christians? Look at how many Canadians attend church at least once a month. We are talking about less than 20%.

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Big city lib lookst at one grant to an organization that has virtually zero benefit to anyone. http://bigcitylib.blogspot.com/

Pure electoral pandering.

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She doesn't. You have obviously not read the book.

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God supports Helena Guergis.