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Okay, Sean, you're right, he was smiling and applauding at the announcement of the winner, pretty clear in that clip. But at some point during the broadcast, there was a cutaway to Hanks and he had a pretty petulant look on his face. Everyone in the room noticed it and it turned a couple of us off of Hanks, might have been an associative cut between him and Benigni. Or it could have been he had just been sitting in the same place for the whole 58 hours of the ceremony and was upset because his ass went numb or maybe he had gas and was trying to ease one out.

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Well, I did preface these as being stupid reasons. He's a great actor, but that's no reason to let the inmates run the asylum. And dude did wait until after the movie was greenlit to drop out, almost a year-and-a-half after he signed on.

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That's a good call, Liz. I didn't really think of her since she's a fairly unremarkable actress, but she could certainly be on the list. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Master of the Flying Guillotine is one of my favorite movies. How can you not love a movie where a character goes around killing one-armed men?

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Hey thanks, Cole. Always love well-reasoned comments!

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All three had good performances by the leads, but I think VP got the better script. For as prolific and consistently good an actor he was, VP is really underappreciated. Thanks for the comment!

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I considered Scavenger Hunt, but I only saw it once long ago, so I went with the more famous movies. Thanks for adding it to the list!

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A couple things we can all learn from this: you shouldn't flip cops shit no matter who you are and Obama can be just as reactionary as anyone else.

Glad to have you back!

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I'm sure pirating has been on the nerves of studios ever since they first thought of it. I think they were just waiting for a high profile leak like this to really screaming and cry about it and show that their FBI threats can actually happen.

The first Night at the Museum made $250 million domestically, so it doesn't really surprise me that it's tracking well. And I think Terminator 3 is probably the only thing keeping interest in the new one from being over the top.

Thanks for the comment.

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One of the pitfalls of our on-demand lifestyles is that no one really wants to go beyond the headline, or 140 words. We take in as much as we can as fast as we can and a lot of details get lost. The stories get blown out of proportion and fade faster than they came, but by that time there's a new snippet of news rocketing to the forefront.

It's great to be able to have access to so much current, unfiltered info, but at the same time it gets harder to separate rumor and speculation from fact.