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Maybe I'm not reading this right, but it sounds like you're saying "ought"s don't matter at all. Of course, as you say, it is very important to learn to understand and accept what "is", but surely we should want what "is" to resemble what "ought". And of course I don't mean just wishing, but actually working to change what "is" into what "ought". It sounds to me like you're saying to forget everything about what "ought" because it's not real, and simply to deal with what "is". But does that mean simply accepting and living with the gap between "is" and "ought", without caring to change anything?

"Ought"s may not be real to the universe, but they are real to us. We are working to better both our "is"s and "ought"s as a species, and we can indeed say some are better than others (to us).

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Soon after this you can find an X Speed hidden at the finish line of a bike track. Now THAT'S a reference!

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I wonder if Terry will be a character :D

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She didn't need to do that, there's a mew in the back of the truck! ;)

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No one's going to mention that gastly is weak to psychic attacks...?

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All those guards? They used to be grass-cutting adventurers like Link...

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I think I can salvage this! The narrator Jabo0ody kiiinda sounds like Egoraptor, sort of. Therefore, it's videogame related!

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Fiiiine, I can't have someone thinking I'm a bad mathematician OR typist :)
A ▼ ▲ A ▼ ▲

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A v ^ A v ^

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It's a stone, chipznsallza!