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I don't see anything at all in that letter that would suggest that the father is "coping with it" or that he "still has love for his son." And the action that would make recovering the relationship harder (honestly, I can't imagine that this relationship could ever be salvageable) was the writing of the letter in the first place, not its publication.

Time may heal all hurts, but it doesn't efface them. I won't rehash my own parents' many, many failures, but I will say that one of the things that stands out most sharply in my memory is one single word. It was used in a very heated emotional situation, and -- with prompting -- that parent has apologized for its use. But the memory won't ever go away, and neither will the knowledge that that parent was both willing and able to use it.

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That never stopped us from ridiculing Michele Bachmann, though!

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Meh. Let him make us an offer before we decide. A Presidency is four-eight years, but whore-diamonds are forever.

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Which would, of course, rule out the possibility in about 90% of the Republican party.

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That is, as they say in my native state of Georgia, "mighty white of her."

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I don't know how long I can bear this. I already want to take heroin and cut myself just to make the hurting stop.

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Enjoy your soup kitchen Thanksgiving, nouveau Hobos! And try not to get stabbed!

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Actually I'm pretty sure they just think it's their Testament, there not being a newer version.

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Depends on his rate, I suppose. I can't imagine that the Mayor of Medford, NJ gets paid enough to order rentboys by the week and get the bulk discount.

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Are you perhaps thinking of Ted Haggard's rent boy?