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Hey L., thanks for listening. I'm kinda partial to the God is Love theory myself, actually. I think it crosses over most (if not all) faiths and is a something I think most people of faith can agree on. No small feat, that. As far as there being no accidents, one can easily imagine that there's something beyond what we can now comprehend with our thus-far-evolved brains that is in ubiquitous control.

Great pondering matter for sure.

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Hi Sherry, thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it. Part 2 won't be up for a while, but hopefully I'll be able to find the time to work on it soon!

"The Code of the Brotherhood" is next, and then a story called "The Hortlak" written by Kelly Link.

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Hi Whitney, thanks for the complement. Coming from you, it really means a lot.

As for the story, although it is obviously rooted in real events, it's actually fiction. I was trying to write it in the spirit of Hunter S. Thompson, but I don't know if I was able to completely pull it off. Those are awfully big shoes to fill, but it was fun to just give it a try, anyway.

I won't be at Podcamp Philly this year, but I wish everyone involved much love and support.

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Woops....I posted a comment on a different post I meant for here. My bad!

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Great post, Maggie. I'm a former Army Paratrooper, and I recently had a similar experience. Kudos!

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Agreed. I think this debate most often surrounds radio vs. TV vs. Internet, but in those cases one didn't kill the other, they just became used differently, or to a different % in peoples' lives. I suppose when the car came along there were people upset about the horse-and-buggy being phased out of peoples' lives, but maybe everything, technology included, is forced to live by a "Survival of the fittest" model of existence. Or, at least, survival of the most convenient.

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Yeah, y'know, it's interesting...I was having a conversation about this with someone recently, and my point was basically the same as yours. People will always need to connect, but new technologies yield new tools to make it easier to do so. It's easy to mock new technology if yours isn't the generation coming of age when they appear, but the fact is that every generation has the same needs as the previous ones.

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No problem, Dawn Maria. Thanks for stopping by here. Hope you come back soon, and I'll do the same with your blog as well.