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@aztecjoy- We are kindred. I was thinking I was the only person who liked The Thirteenth Step more.

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You are a golden goddess!

For what little it means, I can honestly say my life has been enriched by having you (however superficially) in it. I will drink a toast in your honor at Tool's concert tonight and lament that you cannot be there to share it. Hope to see you again sooner rather than later, Hard Rock Chick. ;)

Drive safely! Godspeed and all that. Take care!

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Man! I'm so bummed I didn't try to go now! It was getting later and later and I thought by the time I was able to leave (which wouldn't have been until 8:30 or so, putting me in San Jose about 10:30), the place would have been so packed I would have seen everything from the back. Why didn't I have more faith? I'm so freaking bummed now that I didn't make it but I'm glad that you went even if you weren't feeling well. Hope everything is okay!

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And I thought you said you sucked at getting setlists! Bah!

These pictures encapsulate APTBS perfectly, especially the 2nd to last. Nicely nicely!

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"Tangerine" & "Tiny Dancer" = me too. For Dylan though it's "Tangled Up in Blue" and for the Stones it's ALL of Exile on Main Street. ;)

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Hey lady! Thanks for what was probably my only good "date" ever, hehehehe.

Now...just shut the hell up...you DID NOT GET home at 3:33!?!? Too funny.

Your iPhone videos came out really well! :)

I'm working on wading through my bazillion photos. I ended up taking 1700 minus what I deleted. Had to split my photo folder from last night into three different folders because it was choking my computer. I'll send them to you soon *super pinky swear promise!*