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If asked what school their little "darling" attends you will hear them tell you the name of an exclusive private school. Yet they cry about the public schools.

Hypocrites each and every one.

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It is 1939 and tomorrow is Kristallnacht.

Please for G-d's sake, heed the Rabbi's warning.

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There are songs from the TEA Parties. But they were written long ago. They are the Patriotic Hymns that have been taught to Americans from the founding of the nation.

They were good for our parents, our grandparents, and they are good for us.

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There were names for these Jews in the Death Camps: Kapos. True in the 40s and true with this group.

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Imagine if this creature was your child's teacher and you are Jewish. Would you feel safe sending your child to her class?

I know I would have pulled my child(ren) out of school so fast and would not send them back until she was fire.

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A few quarts of Pig's Blood should do it.

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It was done by Hymie the Hyena since Sammy the Shark and Vinnie the Vulture were busy at the time.

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That is still too easy for them.

Send them to an island with no supplies. Tell them to survive the best they can. Make sure there are plenty of cameras to watch their antics. Sit back with some popcorn and beer.

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There are plans already on file to turn the Church of the Nativity into a Mosque. Why not? The PA has proclaimed that Jesus was a Palestinian Muslim, not a Jew. No Christian Church or Denomination has rejected that, in fact they embrace it totally. This is taught as truth in US public schools. So what if they build a Mosque there? It would be poetic justice to the Christian world.

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The Obamas remind me of school on Saturday: