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There have been zero studies linking cholesterol intake and sat fat intake with heart disease or increased mortality from any cause. We keep spewing this misinformation based on assumptions that were based on bad science in the 1970s that have since been disproved. Rice and almond milks contain added sugar, which is actually not healthy at all. Drink the unsweetened variety if you need that kind of liquid in your diet.

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Yes, it's very unusual. We are 40% of normal snowpack and the powers that be are already beginning to worry about what that will mean for Denver's water supply this summer. The entire country is experiencing record highs today, as I saw on Good Morning America, and 2012 is now going down as the hottest year on record for the entire country.

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Pay attention people, this is in your future

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I wonder if she was always insane or has just become insane since killing her child. I mean, were there signs she was off her rocker before this happened? I'm not suggesting she's faking a mental illness. Sometimes schizophrenia appears when people are in their 20s.

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That photo is insane!

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Which makes me wonder, maybe the cop was already psychologically primed after seeing that lab maim the boy and just reacted from his most primal instinct? I mean, we're not machines. We act according to survival instincts which can be triggered by memories of past trauma.

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Apparently dogs can do what they please, too, including maiming a 9-year old boy.

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They're going to build that tollroad and it's going to be a big wasteland. No one is going to develop housing near there, are you kidding? Has anyone SEEN the projections for real estate in the suburbs? Have you seen a lot of new "development" going on lately? The vacancy rate in industrial and commercial buildings in Westminster alone is staggering. The recession isn't ending anytime soon and all branches of government are cutting back - way back - on spending.

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No one is going to be building any housing. Are you kidding? Construction has been at a halt since Sept 2008 and there's no end in sight to the housing slump. So this road is a waste of money. And resources!

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Get used to it. We're in a permanent recession. Even Boulder can't escape it.