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Jason, if I read it right, what Joe Biden said was (The USA) "cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do."

I fail to see where this becomes a "Israel is entitled to attack Iran". Maybe the news feed you have is misquoted, or maybe I don't get the full meaning, but something tells me this is a simple case of somebody along the feeding chain twisting what Biden said? If so, you at antiwar do need to be careful not to fall into the same traps used by the mainstream media.


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I'm confused, did the Supreme Court install a new President, or did the Congress install a new President?

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Justin, the new comments section is very useful. I've always wondered who else was reading and donating to antiwar.com, and now I get to see who else is out there. And for those who think US warmongering is limited to the right wingers, I'd like to point out the Kosovo incident in 1999. Read about it and try to understand what really happened, and you'll see left leaning politicians are just as likely to blunder. Bush just happened to be a lot more stupid and therefore took the warmongering to a higher level. Obama proves that to get elected President of the USA one has to be first and foremost a semi educated dummy.