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Way to be willing to step out, Kim! When it's time, I'm certain that God will open doors to allow you to go into all those places He's already planned for you to go -- whether another has gone before or not. Thank you for sharing!

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I remember, Brenda. I couldn't fathom then nor now the road you've had to walk with her loss. Caring for family is tough, no matter how you look at it.

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So, true, Joyce! Amazing how a room full of people can be so connected -- and really have such similar, yet varied stories. God is so good!

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Yeah, it was from the airplane, using my phone on a foggy morning. Best I could do that day.

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You would think that standing on what it says is enough, but apparently some want to be culturally relevant than scripturally correct.

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Your pain will lessen as days go by, but will hurt like crazy for awhile when you try to bend it or put pressure on it. Hope all goes well!

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It wasn't until today (February 19th) that I realized I had comments to posts! Yours are especially wonderful. It's great to have such a cheerleader on my side. It's a day-by-day walk, sometimes moment-by-moment, but I know this process will one day be over and will one day bring our God such glory that I won't be able to remember the feelings, I'll have to remember based on the words.

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It's so hard to end a relationship! I'm sure that doing so has helped you, though. Possibly even them. Glad you're out of the mud and getting all washed off!

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Thank you, Jon. I'm sure that if you keep looking for Him, you'll find Him in new and wonderful ways. He kinda promised that in Jeremiah.

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Wow, Tam. Just WOW!
Excuse me while I go do some examining...