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Really? Really?

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Let's see here:

Braviary: What's the matter, scared of a little Rain Dance?
Zoroark: I'm not overly fond of what follows.

Raichu: I thought Pokemon more evolved than this.
Scrafty: Excuse me, did we come to your game and Stealth Rock your teams?

Mienshao: I'd sit this one out, Brav.
Braviary: I don't see how I can.
Mienshao: These guys come from myth, Brav. They're basically legendaries.
Braviary: There's only five legendaries, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure they doesn't look like *that.*

Raichu: Where is the Red Chain?
Zoroark: I missed you too.

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Actually, there is a special trading mode in Black & White called "GTS Negotiation", where you trade with a random person and can offer Pokemon that the other person hasn't seen and vice versa. Thus, you can obtain Pokemon you haven't seen.

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-Home Run Bat (Super Smash Bros.)
-Sent into space/Dropped from high place (Portal)
-Hit by car, dumpster, etc. sent by a Tank (Left4Dead)

That's all I got.

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Well, it is an egg of a legendary....so yeah.

And my reasoning behind why Unown are so strong together is that the chances that they would have at least one of them for each type is pretty high, thus, they can beat anything with at least one weakness.

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Wait a moment.
If the Medic has to cut open the chest of his patient to put in the "uber valve" on his/her heart...
And he did this to everyone on his team...
This means...

The Medic is one of the few, possibly the only one, that knows the true gender of the Pyro.

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You forgot a few;
Veilstone: 77
Hearthome: 91

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If you count your rival and yourself, it's 10. You forgot that oak has three assistants, not one.

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After a bit of research, I have found that Nimbasa City has the highest population, with a total of 239. The lowest is Cinnabar Island (After the volcanic eruption) with a total of 9.