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It has been nothing but a pleasure to read your comments and wonderful experience in Hargeisa. I had enjoyed it all of your articles and photos!
Truly you are a Somalilander ! Viva to you and Somaliland!
I hope you can make your resolution of this year to be more involved in helping family and friends and to craft a wonderful diversity of a society!
I have to say you are proudly a courageous, a friend and one of most caring people I heard of.
Thank you for your comments and welcome back to Boston.


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...In response to your gratitude and respect to Somaliland and it's people, I am equally amazed to say I have lived most of my "BEST" years here in Boston at a wonderful peace, education, and together with wise-generous American people.
In addition to that, I should say I know some of your Somali friends here in Boston whom, some of them, are the editors of this website. Also, I am keen to meet you at return and have enjoyed every bit of your coverage. Also, as some of your readers suggested, I was a former resident of the city of Berbera. So, I recommend you to visit there and have pictures of Batalale beach and the port of Berbera.

Have a safe summer in Somaliland and we welcome you back at Logan International Airport at your return kindly dear.

A. Farah
Boston, MA U.S.A

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Hi Emily,

I am a very proud Somalilander who lives now in Boston, MA USA. Since you started this blog of yours, I have been eye-ing the very narrative story-telling you possess and to the ways you have talked about your experiences whether it was the journey inside the airplane or your life inside the City of Hargeisa.
I read every single writing of yours with tears in my eyes and I am proud to say that you are typical example for the youngsters in America with your insight, confidence and patience. You have reminded me how absolutely we are a people of passion and life with ease and simplicity and that's how life should be.
What takes my breath away is the way of your analogical comparisons, of things we know in America & Somaliland, that points out every step of the way.