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si right you are!!

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Stop the predictalbe polling results........marked with an x

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Well, how whould you explain Iggy's departure this morning? Was he in it for the long haul? DID he come back to stick with the party to rebuild it? HUH, NO!!!

I'm delusional?? Was nice knowing you, Andrew. I'm outta here.

Canada will be fine now Harper is charge

But I'm not so sure about the students getting further instructions from Iggy. I fear for their future.mindset....haha. But then again, it will keep these boards going, and going....

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I'm not saying that the average voter saw this particular outcome ahead of time. But what I am saying is that the media in central Canada was out of tune, seriously. And on these boards I have said more than once, that the more they hurled unfounded drivel against Harper and the CPC, the more they would win, and they did!!

The central media has never been Harper friendly (and has never been Manning friendly) but both men, Harper and Manning are more in tune with Canada's future as are any pundits residing in central Canada. The old Canada is gone.

I know you don't like reading my opinions and I know you haven't enjoyed reading them in the past, but what I have posted now and in the past holds a lot of truth within. It's just that some are reluctant to accept this changing Canada. And that is your choice. Each to their own. But that doesn't mean that I spout none sense. Far from it. I am convinced that Canada's political future will "bear" me out.

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Selley, Selley, Selley, you still don't get it!

The NDP has not changed over the years. What has changed is the fact that voters in Quebec saw no further advantage by voting for the BQ this time.

Quebeckers want a special arrangement within Canadian federal politics and for the last twenty years thought they could realize such by means of the BQ.

But since the BQ could not officially be in power in Ottawa and since the ROC would not have wanted that either, the Quebec voter simply decided to join Jack in the hopes of being the single largest bloc within the NDP if a coalition government were to be formed.

Alas, no possibility of a coalition goverment now and most of the Quebec NDP voters are now wondering indeed what happened last night.

But a good night for Canada it was indeed!

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What just happened is that the average Canadian voter is way ahead of the central Canadian media establishment.

More of that to come.......


Good to see that the average voter is more in tune than are the members of the central media establishment.

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I'm not sure if most journalists lean Liberal or if most of them just do not understand that Canada is changing.

It seems to me that the media for the most part has not yet caught up to the fact that the old Canada is gone. Population shifts and shifts in economic growth have occurred over the years and will shift even more as time goes on. Western Canada is now a major player in Canadian politics. That's a major shift. The central media is very reluctant to accept that shift. Listen to the CBC (last night and this morning) and listen to Iggy this morning when he resigned. He still blames it all on CPC attack ads for the last two years. Such rubbish. There were no attack ads by saying that Iggy had lived abroad for most of his adult life; it was all true. Iggy didn't get it. He didn't understand that a Liberal party could not be saved by simp;y pulling someone in there, just because he had "credentials"

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Like I said; Jack will have gotten more than he had bargained for. Most of the Quebed votes going over to Jack were for opportunistic reason. Period.

Over the next four years,, we will see how it plays itself out. Some of them will defect back to the BQ, and some might sit as independents. It will be intersting for Jack. Now he's in the big league and will find out how it really works up there in Ottawa.....

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People posting here who understand how it really works should not go away. They in fact should stay!!

Time to open your eyes, Emily

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Excellent post! Great insight.