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399 weeks ago @ Twilighters.org - ECLIPSE Premiere: Jack... · 0 replies · +1 points

Well- after seeing Eclipse last night, I can easily say Jackson Rathbone did an awesome job! I didn't know what to expect from him, I mean, he's been in the background for the first two books; now he has a major part.

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Oh man! Why do I even go to school when people from Twilight are on Ellen! If only it was on later in the day... rats.

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Awe, I love Billy Burke! I will definitely check out his website

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Oh my, they grow up so fast...
Happy Birthday Kristen Stewert!!!!

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This really was better than Twilight. I mean I love it all but The Host is my favorite book ever! I'm really excited they are making progress for the movie, but it seems so far away...!
Really getting excited though!

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OH MY GOSH! I am so excited! I got an e-mail about this maybe three minutes ago- I am too excited to read more. This is awesome!

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Oh my gosh, I love that Jackson Rathbone has a pony tail

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Just got home after buying THE NEW MOON DVD!!! So excited- great time, 2nd year in a row. (Went to Borders)

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That was... interseting. I do think they went more for the tone then anything else. That would be fine but I was too freaked out in the begining! I seriously sat and stared at my lap top, wondering what was going on! I think she tried to express too much with her hands. It's a wonderful song but the video isn't quite as good.

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Anna looked so pretty last night! She might not have won an award but she's still a winner to me