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Thanks for putting me on the right track and sharing your nice recipe for REAL Thai Fishcakes! I have done a sneaky switch-a-roo and updated the recipe above so it's now a delicious Spiced Salmon Fishcake recipe!

Enjoy! :P

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Great, I'm glad you liked it. I forgot to say you could use lamb as well! Thats making me hungry just thinking about it...time for lunch!

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Yep, you should! I would say try this really basic recipe first, maybe with the added fruity sauce on top. Once you're happy with it, go wild with experiments!

I'm planning on combining the fruit sauce and panacotta together (making it nice and colourful), then having a plain cream or yoghurt sauce. Maybe even putting whole pieces of fruit in the panacotta. yum.

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Thanks for letting us know about your interview (which was very interesting and left me a little jealous) and the compo, which I have entered!

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Super recipe Carla - lots of nice spices! I need to use up my stock of natuaral yoghurt, so this may be good to make!

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ha ha! Lots of people have said that - I think there's not really a definitive boys or girls list so a mix would be a good idea. I'd certainly like a few things from the girls list - especially the kMix!

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wow, how did you manage that?! I read the instructions when I bought the Fry Pan on that list as I didn't want to damage it. It's one of my favourite things in the kitchen (after the Squeezebox boom!)!

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I've been meaning to make these again and take some better photos - it'd also be a good opportunity to try your dipping sauce.

If you'd like a really good guide on how to fold them, see here -

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Oh man, this looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I will certainly be giving it a go as soon as possible!