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Good for you. I too, am a fellow quitter. You can only go up if you have an attitude like that.

I'm also sad for them losing such a great employee who loved being there. I like it when people enjoy what they do so... *heart* :)

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Re: Blender --- My Immersion Stick blender is dead easy. Nothing at all to cleaning it. :)

It is not quite as perfect as a regular stand blender, but it does the job.

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Annual goals: General, like "SAVING!!!!" and then I put one benchmark like wanting to hit a certain net worth.

Then for each month, I just adhere to the big goal, but I may say things like: Try to only spend $300 on a flight to _____ and so on. Specific items.

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*nod* Wise choice. If it was $30 a week that's another story.

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Well if you spend 3 hours washing clothes when it could be done in an hour by a machine and hung to dry, then I don't really think I'd want to save that $3.

But if it's something like spending an hour to make sure your bills are paid so you don't get hit by fees of $50 or more just because you were being dumb, I spend the time to reconcile everything.

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Poor or not, everyone should look clean and presentable. It bothers me when people walk around with holes in their t-shirts and say: I don't care what others think, I'm [rich] [whatever]...

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I feel like already there. :) I do what I love and I make a good living off it.

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I loathe debt. Ever since getting out of $60k of student debt, I do NOT want to get into any kind of lease, loan or mortgage for anything like a house or a car. Seriously, I can live without a house, and I can always get around on a very cheap car. I don't need the best, if it means I have to fork over $500+ of my money per month to something I couldn't buy in full.

Cash for everything --> my motto. I don't have the cash, I don't buy it.

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For me, they used to have cute items. Whimsical patterns that were subtle but not crazy, stylish clothing that was classic but with a twist, and absolutely worth the $$.

They had prints, patterns and really cool styles without being too trendy.

Now, it's overpriced, they're trying to show things I'd never dream of putting on my body, and I don't see those lovely pieces I used to before. There have only been 4 dresses in the past 3 years that I've just absolutely loved.

The rest of their stuff? Ick.

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There are always expenses that are deemed more intellectual and better than others


Any status symbol

Personally, I only judge if I don't feel like it's really worth the value. E.g. $300 flip flops...