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What are the facts supporting your opinion that "Obama is restoring our standing internationally . . . and conducting a mature foreign policy which projects strength but not arrogance."? Can you site instances of alleged strength aside from his administration’s bullying attempts to force Israel to submit to yet another suicidal "peace" process?

Did you observe any strength in this administration's supposed efforts to dissuade the fascist leadership of Iran from its efforts to develop nuclear weapons? And what's all the bowing about? Why should any leader of any country bow to any other leader of a nation, whether a legitimate leader or dictatorial thug?

As for your “arrogance” remark –allow me a wild guess – aimed at George W. Bush and his administration: perhaps you unemotionally label taking military action against the Baathist dictatorship in Iraq to protect the lives of U. S. citizens (not to mention billions of citizens of other nations) as arrogance. It’s easy to do once one ignores the months of non-stop U.S. diplomatic work to convince some supposed U.S. allies and the U.N. to show some backbone by making a serious effort to Enforce their own pile of “Resolutions”, kiss off the kickbacks from the corrupt “Oil For Food” program and forego additional weapons sales to Iraq.

BTW, for your own amusement do some serious online searching on the expression “the world’s sole remaining Super Power” (and near variations thereon) during the Clinton-Gore terms versus the Bush-Cheney terms. The C-G crowd make the B-C crowd look like wimps. Talk is cheap. In foreign affairs, however, hollow talk, silence in the face of oppressed peoples’ plights, inaction and, worse, hamstringing this nation’s perceived ability to project strength (Obama’s apparent policy) will exacerbate dangers in this very dangerous world.

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I'm so disgusted with Obama and his, yes, fellow travelers that I have an uncontrollable urge to vent:

This slick-talking sociopath is the Anti-President. By now it should be clear to most people capable of fogging a mirror that Obama's "foreign policy" is clearly intended to demean amd belittle this nation in the eyes of "the world community". Worse, his intent to subject American use of its power to review and judgment by "the world community", ultimately to criminalize it, threatens to accomplish in a couple of years what various Communist movements over nearly 100 years failed to accomplish - the destruction of the United States of America.

Democrats up for re-election this year MUST be driven from office (via the ballot) in historically unprecedented numbers. I don't care if they are replaced by blithering idiots, slobbering boobs or outright mental defectives. They'll be a vast improvement because they won't be lock-step organized like the current batch of Democrat/Statist/Control-Freak/Big-Brother socialists and it will be easy for us Mushrooms (formerly Citizens) to protect ourselves from them.

If Obama is not turned into the Most Monumental Lame Duck President in history this November, then this country, its Constitution, freedoms, creativity and inventiveness along with its already shakled capitalist economy are doomed.