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These initiatives wouldn't have happened if Council and Planning Board had respected the 55’ Height Limit, voted in by ballot initiative in 1971. They've been giving exceptions out like candy to their developer friends -and refusing them to homeowners like those needing one because of a steep slope recently. They claim to be increasing density to save energy, but most of the new housing has been luxury apartments for the rich, not known for conserving energy. As far as I know, all these apartments have plenty of expensive underground parking, since rich people don't take the bus. These people consume MORE than the average, and so after a decade of this Boulder's greenhouse gas emissions have increased! They could have increased density and reduced GHGs by building smaller apartments without parking but with covenants that occupants would not own cars here. There is plenty of need for this kind of housing in Boulder for workers and students. But Boulder's leaders are empire builders and go for the higher taxes the rich pay for their consumption. So they increased our carbon footprint, dramatically increase traffic, and brought on the inevitable reaction to stop it.

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Hi. I couldn't reply to your response to my post about McFarland's camping solution. Was that when he lived on that "calm" street? (Talking in code here.) What years, about?

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The late great Bob McFarland, MD gave Council the right solution back in the '60s: create a campground on the edge of town for visitors and homeless. I would suggest charging $5/night or 1/2 hour work cleaning, etc. Longer-term folks could be put in charge. Treat people decently and they will respond in kind.

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Jared quotes the TPA: "No provision of any trade agreement entered into under section 3(b)..." I can't find the text of the TPA online to see if there are other sections under which trade treaties can be made, which would render this protection inoperative. If we can't read the text, we can't know anything. "Trust, but verify."

Just Monday, the WTO over-ruled a US law on "country of origin" labeling for meat: http://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2015...

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No. I've known Jared for half his life, had many meals and hikes with him, etc., and never saw him smoke.

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Under the TPP, I can sue any signing country with laws against murder, which would deprive me of the profits from my planned chain of hit man shops. Now I won't even have to start my business; I can just sue and make my money in court. Thanks, TPP!

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Having lived in Colorado all but seven of the last 45 years, and being a wilderness guide who is outside a great deal, I'm positive there's far less sunshine then there was back in 1970, at least in the Front Range. They can define "sunny day" in all kinds of clever ways to cover it up, but there are far more days with huge clouds of obscuring the sun most of the day. I bet there's only two thirds of the sunny hours there were back then.

Here in Hawaii, a long time resident told me there are over a hundred less days of trade winds a year now. That's part of what makes Hawaii a paradise, less hot and humid than many other tropical places.

The climate is already greatly degraded in my life. Thanks fossil corps, propagandists and deniers of all kinds.

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Oh boy! If the TPP passes, I won't have to do all the work to establish my multinational chain of hit-man shops. I can just sue any country with laws against murder and make big bucks! Hooray for laissez-faire capitalism!

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The climate is warming 10-100 times faster than ever in over 65 million years: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/todays-... It will be 50-100 times faster IF fossils like you keep us on the course we're on.

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Modern smartphones can replace a camera, phone, radio, CD player, TV, alarm clock, magazines, newspapers, many books, etc. I have a solar charger about a foot square which can easily power mine. I no longer need an "entertainment room" and watch movies on the beach often.