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I'm warming up to this guy. He is not a poodle of the republican party like Romney is.

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Good piece Janne. Well thought out and expressed. It iritates me that people want to write her off, and I mean republicans...but then again, it is mostly the RINO's and that explains a lot in itself.

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Like rats leaving the sinking ship,Conrad and many others are leaving town before the wreck.The reality is doing the right thing will not get you elected again, because the country will go into a depression to compensate for all the actions of the FED for not letting the economy cleanse itself of its excesses of the last twenty years. Bubble after bubble has been perpetrated to quickly appease the electorate that now the end game is upon us. Obama talks about hard cuts to save $775 million , what an idiot with a 1.5 trillion dollar annual deficit. The $100 billion cut the republicans are talking about is a joke , we are still short $1.4 trillion if they succeed. Rand Paul and his $500 billion is a start but we are still short $1 trillion every year if he gets his way. The US economy is a house of cards and the electorate is clueless. Congratulations public school systems and ineffective collages who don’t produce individual thinking but conformity.

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Poor people don't provide great paying jobs. Wealthy people in persuit of qualifeid workers provide great paying jobs because of the ROI concept. If my ROI (return on invstment) has the gravey taxed out of it, why hire more people and take a chance you will succed in increasing your ROI? What would Barney know>

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Harold Hamm of Continental Resources in a recent Forbes interview said the greatest threat to oil development is government…he didn’t specify federal even though that is what he probably what he meant…fingers crossed.

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Well, my bloviating was backed by facts and history, Dorgan’s was an ideology that has been proven fruitless in other countries throughout history.

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Thank you for vetting that.

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Chris Christie would make for an electrifying campaign , his one liners would zing and I think attract independents that have figured Obama out. Plus he is a Governor.

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“and then we'll hear how capitalism failed “

In the last two years, when has capitalism been given a chance to succeed! Everything is centrally planned either by Washington or the Fed.

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Yes, I agree, but “the problem” typically occurs from career politicians. Our two new delegates for the state of north Dakota have a “life” outside of government. I hope that changes our state from a what can we get from the public treasury to what do we need. I’m probably foolish for being principled and hopeful, but it has to start somewhere.