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Hello all

I must just say WOW! and a massive THANK YOU to Brian for all the notes and your great insights.
I would like to Thank all the authors of the various books.
I would like to Thank Vishen and the his team that made this all possible.
And I would like to Thank you all for contributing and posting all your Inspirational stories.

I started out strong untill my holidays ended and all the stress started to build back up at that point I started to struggle to post although I have managed to listen to every single note. I am Immensly glad that I have. I have gained so much through this challenge. I am now living with much more passion and am striving to do better than ever before.
Now not a day goes by now without me counting it a succesful one.
I have developed many positive habit that will saty with me the rest of my life. Like daily jounaling and gratitued log.
I am a far more optimistic person now and my friends say that they like hanging out with me far more.

I will leave with one of my favorite Quotes (this one is by aristotle...loved it Brian)
"We are what we repeatdly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."

Thank you so Much.
Ethan Jones

P.S Brian you are truly making the world a better place.

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Thank you all so much you are all so kind.
this PN challenge has been so great.
thank you all for being a part of it and together we can all become our better selves
Thanks again Ethan

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Thank you and Yes I couldnt agree more PN is absolutely a leap towards our greater selves and greater lives and we will all look back and smile upon this intense learning curve

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Hi everybody
I have been away for over a week in near solitude with me, myself and 1 Ipod full of Philosophers notes.
I must just say WOW this stuff is incredible I must have listened to every note so far at least 6 times no joke.
Just realized 20 mins X 6 = 2hrs X 12 notes = 24 hrs

Any way I feel I have so much to share
I have had some unpredicted experiences and insights
First I have to explain that I have been part of one of Bob Proctors programs for 2 months now (six minutes to success) this basically is a short video every day followed by a small activity that if followed through on will start to change your life.
On this It asked me to do a simple task of thinking of one thing you greatly respect and admire about three different people then phone them up and tell them.
well immediately I just threw the notion out of my head. But wait I thought if I want to be successful I have to be committed to success (one thing six minutes does is increase your commitment as i have since stuck to my exercise regime without fail for the past 4 weeks very unusual for me )
any way still I was thinking I would not do it but then I remembered "secrets of the millionaire mind" which I had not long ago listened to and the ideas of Comfort Zone = Wealth Zone and “Comfort kills! If your goal in life is to be comfortable, I guarantee two things. First, you will never be rich. Second, you will never be happy."
anyway with this in mind I decide to follow through with the exercise and came up with people who I do not always contact to so I was at the telephone shaking ( well out of my comfort zone) as I attempted to phone the first person who was the person I most dreaded calling thought of Gay Hendricks idea of breathing into the fear and then made the call.
It was one of the most challenging things I think I have done in a long time anyway to cut along story short I did it. I was later to find my relationship with this person has increased heaps. but mainly My comfort zone stretched out by heaps. Then the most amazing thing happened within 5 minutes of making this call I had the most inspirational wealth creation idea I have ever had. all I the resources to do this I had before just not this idea. it was the most amazing feeling. I truly know what it is to have an inspired idea now.

I ask you all to go out and do the things what you wouldnt normally consider your life will be abundantly better for it.

Love and Respect to all
Ethan Jones

P.S if you feel this story please feel free to reply and also please share your breakthroughs
also If you are interested in sixmiuntes to success reply or anybody can email me on
concerning anything.

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I also think you have an amazing aproach to it. personally i watch the tv episode the night before as I live in NZ so am GMT -12 then listen and read note twice throughout the next day. the ideas seem to instill the concepts far deeper dont they. I also plan to reveiew the Notes a week later.
keep up the good work guys your ideas are great and thoughts are inspiring together we can all get far more from this than alone
1+1(times like 1442 isnt it) = 300,000,000 +

Love and Respect

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Powerful book Powerful message Excellent Note

“I believe that a life of integrity is the most fundamental source of personal worth.
I do not agree with the popular success literature that says that self-esteem is
primarily a matter of mind set, of attitude—that you can psych yourself into peace
of mind. Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles
and values and in no other way.”

Before I read this book maybe 5 months ago I was like that reacting not responding, wasting so much of my time playing computer games also watching TV (quadrent iv far to much time in here), allways driffting in and out of an exercise plan, and only a moderatly happy person.
When I read this book I couldnt understand why so many people thought it was so good I thought it was just a liltle bit like wasting my time. but another part of me secretly craved what it was saying I think and that is probably why I finished the book. and after listning to and reading the note it was a great refresher and I have realised that the reason I was rejecting the book so much at the star was the face that I was unwilling to accept the fact that I was just Mucking around and not getting ahead in life was not willing to be responsible for my failures.
the realisations have come slowly since then but looking now I have totaly revoluionised my life sart studying for my senior exams rather than just not caring. Beacem very intrestted in personal growth at first just understanding it and now applying it.I am now very Quadrent ii / sharpen the saw based. I play no more computer games fullstop as of nearly 2 months now even though it is the holidays so would normally spend most of my holidays doing this. I read non-fiction personal growth books everyday I exercise sixtimes a week. I mediate often and have taken to learning the guitar as it is something I really want to be able to do. as a result of living this new life I am happier than ever and feel more incontrol.

Aristotle “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
(Yesterdays Note)
I also mean to implement react rather than respond into my life much more as this is key to controling our happiness and eventual outcomes.

Love and Respect

p.s Maybe this new passion is why i am still up at 1 reading comments gaining new insights and interacting with all you amazing peolple

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Absolutly I agree with both Brian and Chris on this being poor helps nobody but being FINANCIALY wealthy and but with no integrity is even worse but money and other forms of wealth and succes dont have to be mutually exclusive. I believe that the reason that spirtual themes are coming up in business books is as Chris says the principles are universaly so the book would not be able to be anywhere near as big or as great if it did not hold the truths of humanity.

Love and Respect

And full credit Brian your doing a great thing here. being smart enough to earn money by helping people. Nice work I havent worked out how to do both yet. :D

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David I think the book is much more than just a book on business or monetry gain wether or not business is your passion as it is with you Roynaim it think the book is more about being the whole person rather than someone just focused on creating money and not living a life of integrity.I believe the concepts and principles in this book go much deeper to create and overall much more happy succesful life. As in my case this book has had very little impact on my finaces (as of yet) but it as it says "Peace of mind comes when your life is in harmony with true principles and values" and it has done this for me and Brians notes as he said are very brief as the wisdom in this book can only be hinted at in 20 minutes.


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Astounding stuff
reiterates what ive heard before just in so much planier terms
we truly make ourse4lves lucky or unluck.
by seeking for luck in the wrong places where the odds are fixed. rather than taking advantage of oppertunitys

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This is something powerful
It has never occured to me that we are a domesticated animal.
I feel so pleased that we have the capacity to change however and break from the social constraints.
this brings a sense of rightness to my emerging habits of not listning to criticsm.
Thank you