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"It never entered my mind to think that she would have written it herself. For what purpose would anyone think she would do that?"

. . . . . Because the benefits of being perceived as a Persecuted Minority are very great indeed. Have you never noticed how often such events turn out to be contrived?

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Hey Ms. Chesler -

Whenever I'm confronted with a staunch lefty, I always opt to present them with the opinions of the "bridge crossers." My short list includes Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Bruce Bawer. Each has written or been recorded speaking honestly about islam. Then I opt for an "opinion free" exposition, like the undercover mosque footage or the muslim mob attacking Lars Vilks at Upsala U. If I fail, I console myself with the knowledge that I have at least prepared the ground for the truth - though it make take some years to reach fruition.

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Having failed to smear her with fake, libelous stories, the MSM will now simply pretend she doesn't exist.


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The goons will simply split the venture into a hundred new orgs. The new and improved ACORN is now known as COI.

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. . . And if he can't get away with it here in the US, he'll at least try to do it in Honduras - by reinstating Zelaya, the Chavez wannabe.

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I posted a comment on Ms. Brachear's blog as well - over 9 hours ago. Maybe someone should send a short missive to a managing editor and ask what the problem is?

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What the h*ll is the matter with Obama? The Honduran Supreme Court, it's attorney general and legislature, even Zalaya's OWN POLITICAL PARTY have held that his removal was legal and appropriate under their laws of THEIR COUNTRY. Zelaya was trying to pull off an illegal referendum and the ballots Zelaya was going to use were printed with the help of Chavez in Venezuela. Why the h*ll is our government siding with the worst autocrats in the region against the Honduran Consitution and government? The Honduran gov. PREVENTED an illegal coup - it didn't perpetrate one.

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Curtail an innocent man's right to travel so muslims won't be offended.

Wow. Just . . . wow.

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The threat of rape seems to be a common method of enforcement when it comes to imposing islamic norms like forced veiling and gender aparteid (one tool among many which compose the insidious arsenal of threats and intimidation deployed against non-muslims and unsubmitting women.)

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Mr. Spencer:

I spend a great deal of time on this site. On a few (very few) occassions, I've seen comments that I consider over the top, but never once have I seen you make an inaccurate or unfair statement of fact or law. You are one of the most sober, factual sources available on the "non-apologetic" front. I hope the organizers of this event hang tough in defense of REAL dialogue and ACTUAL dissent (for a change).