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Please stop suppoting the so called England teams they are not Stop supporting football altogether i have .I dont support blacks in teams .Its called the british league but there are no british teams in it .Supporting football is supporting multiculture

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And yet where i live a new car wash opens daily and all the workers all east european and then look at the supermarkets car parks our sainsburys has car washers and they are all black..And we have now been told by the council no hosepipes on the allotment .It appears you cant water your veg but you can wash the car and use gallons if washed by an IMMIGRANT .If you do it yourself at home you get fined.

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They keep telling you they want the drug barons and not the little men.Well its the little men who sell the drugs take them away and you have no drug barons.Its like a company take away the sales staff .You dont sell any of your products and you go bust .The barons do not sell the drugs just like managing directors dont do the work they just earn the most money .Without salesmen you dont have a business of any kind .Fact not fiction so take the salemen away from the traffickers

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As a mixed race person then English mother Scottish father i know when the war starts if you aint white i will be shooting you before you shoot me
Im on Whiteys side

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Syria is next thats getting very near. And that will open pandora's box .Russia will not sit back and watch .2012 is going to be hell for lots of sheeple sep /oct the dollar and euro will both collape but thats been planned by the banksters then war with Iran then all hell breaks loose China involved Pakistan Israel ect WW4 we are already in world war 3 .Get ready for lots of people losing their homes and jobs.Im affraid the Banksters Rothschild & co are ruling the world already .Get to know the real Obama who is he .Well he is not who he says he is he is not eligible to be presedent on a number of reasons if you do a bit of research on him 9/11 ect ect.Do some research on ca moron clegg (arsonist) milliband (straw brother on sex crime list along with B Liar brother son a drug pusher father concentious objector) hodge (lots on her) all zionist jews ect ect ect and the Royal family the holocaust (figures dont add up ) but we cant talk about it ,ask yourself why nobody can mention the Jews

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David i used to be inundated with emails and letters from them .I got them stopped .Just send them an email asking them to stop sending you letters and emails asking where they got both from and stating you already know it was the leaked members list .Which is Illegal to use.Then state if you dont stop sending i will go to the police and state you are using an illegal list using my email and address with out permission .They sent me an email stating i want all letters and emails stopped from them.I clicked stop subscibing or something & Funny enough but both stopped immediatly.I also stated that if they dont stop i'll come round and post them all up his -----

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It is quite true that many,many people are afraid to cast a vote in favour of the BNP whilst supporting what they say,FEAR HAS BEEN GROUND INTO THEM ,in that there may be a backlash of some sort.

Sorry but i dont get this .Every time i vote i vote alone there is nobody watching over my shoulder where i put my cross .This is not an excuse .In fact its total CRAP

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I still cant understand any white brit voting lib lab or con even Ukip are crap .When the shite hits the fan people better not tell me they voted for any of these partys as i wont be helping any of them that also goes for the stupid people joining no hope nationalist partys taking BNP votes they are just complete idiots .WE MUST ALL UNITE AS ONE

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If all our Nationalist would come to their senses and unite behind the biggest party > And we all know this is the BNP then we would now be a very big threat to the banksters puppets liblabcon .We will have to all unite very soon or lose the battle .We dont have much time left .Lets get in power first then sort out our differences.

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He looks nothing like Dave does he looks more Pakistani than Jewish was mum playing away when he popped out .If i was his dad i want DNA proof