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I may have missed it, but I'd love input on either of my sites http://www.engagedmarriage.com and http://www.fitmarriage.com

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Awesome story! Nice work, my man. Now head over to my blog and get prepared for this marriage thing! :)


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Thanks for joining the Improve Yourself challenge, Stu! I look forward to working alongside you and meeting our fitness goals. No more chubby hubbies! :)

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Oh my, have you been spying on me this month?!? I am guilty of all of the above, although I'm not proud of it or the way my pants (don't) fit right now.

Even though it's in the classic slacker fashion of waiting until after the first of the new year, I am building some great accountability into meeting my fitness (and other) goals. I'm working out the details now, but I'll be hosting an "Improve Yourself! 2010" competition on my website for the first 8 weeks of 2010 so my readers and I can get a jump start on the new year. I'm excited about it! For now, I just need one more cookie...and a beer...before lunch...


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I totally love the health benefits of walking, but I'd say my primary motivation for walking is, well, motivation! There are few things in life that open up my mind and allow me to be creatively inspired the way that a nice walk does.

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In my day job, I'm an engineer. Sounds like a lot of math and pocket protectors, right? In reality, I'm more of a hybrid between professional writer and project manager. I spend my days writing reports and emails.

What makes things interesting for me is my "night job" as a blogger. I spend considerable time writing for my Marriage blog and it is a totally different style than I use at work. This creates a lot of variety in my writing life!

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Great man, just what I needed...more books to add to the stack on my nightstand! These sound great!

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Thanks Mary! I really enjoyed this post, and your lessons are ones that I need to be reminded of frequently. In particular, numbers 7 & 8 really hit home for me. I am a relatively new blogger (about 3 months now) and although my readership has grown very well, I'm impatient and want to reach a lot more people...quickly.

However, as I get to know my readers and cherish each new relationship that develops through my site, I am reminded of the real purpose and value of my pursuit. That helps me stay patient!

Dustin | Engaged Marriage

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I am a great procrastinator on a wide variety of activities! To be fair to myself, I tend to try to do too many things at once, so I feel justified in putting things off...which leads to problems over time.

The best advice I've ever received for countering these tendencies is to "Think about how you'll feel when the task is completed."

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These are great tips that look at both sides of the fitness equation (intake and outgo). I have written several articles about fitness as a key component of a healthy marriage, but I've mostly focused on the exercise aspect. Maybe it's because I'd feel hypocritical writing about healthy eating when my own diet could use a lot of work!