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With both parents being medical professionals, it was definitely a vagina and a penis for me and my brother, with my English mother calling my bottom a bottom. We shouldn't be ashamed to teach our children the truth. I am a nurse and work with a Filipino woman who tells our female patients during baths "I need to clean miss Kitty!" The first time I heard this I laughed until I cried! Maybe it was her accent.

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Color has been stereotyped like so many things. I was recently at a music festival with my "baby" a Boston Terrier, Poppy Petal, and this little old country man kept calling her a him. It really didn't bother me much but my partner kept correcting the gentleman stating that Poppy was a girl. He replied with "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just used to calling dogs him and cats her". It took all my willpower not to burst into laughter. I say dress your baby in what you like and when they are older let them decided how to express themselves.

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I love how empowering and affirming this site is! I have always been offbeat and come by it honestly as I am third generation and cannot wait to make a 4th. Thank you for the thoughts, I don't feel so alone in the mediocrity of it all.