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I lost my entire harddrive- without backups- in 2004 on my old iMac G5 (first gen! didn’t even have a webcam). Shortly after that I cloned my drive every few months(!) to an external drive as I couldn’t really afford a external drive bigger than my internal.

Nowadays I backup an image of my documents/photos/movies folder every week to a 1TB TeraStation NAS. The images are encrypted with PGP Desktop before storage as anyone who wardrives into my Wifi would be able to login to the TeraStation (they have really, really crappy access control). Incremental backups of my Documents folder is done hourly to the 50gb Backup user provided by my webhost. The method of my upload is simple: SFTP via Expandrive so that it’s mounted as a disk.

P.S.- My webhost, Dreamhost, provides a 50gb amount of diskspace entirely for personal use that isn’t redundantly backed up by them. They provide you with 5tb of overall bandwidth so I don’t think I’ll ever run past that. On top of that reliable (in my experience!) hosting with a huge (500gb) of disk space all for $10 a month.