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In simplistic terms, the driving force of nature is to ensure the replication of DNA and life as humans know & define it ... biodiversity ensures more opportunity for the survival of life. Because of our human actions, the world as we know it is changing & may change drastically... such as, life may be reduced to microscopic forms. But DNA/ life/ world-at-large will likely survive.

Placing ethical, spiritual, moral, religious beliefs and convictions aside for a moment, in simplistic terms we are threatening our own human survival as we threaten the world as we know it. We need the earth's resources to live & we are part of the biodiversity that exists alongside those sea turtles. This is a great point that you're making, Jay- it may be the unifying fact that all humans may hopefully see.

When we also consider those ethical, spiritual, moral & religious beliefs regarding nature, life, other humans- WOW. We have even more reason to live better for the planet, and ultimately ourselves.

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beautiful post, Brooks.

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wow, a really timely piece for me.... thanks SO much!!!

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awesome, and so inspiring!!

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really great article, thank you

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'acceptance is not a one-time deal' ... thanks so much for sharing this.

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great post, Lindsay... as a teacher, I think one of the important elements of class is that right balance between safe & challenging for students.... I love Julia's suggestion of sticking to the basic/beginner pose, and have found that when I demonstrate that way, people follow suit... those students who really know/can go deeper into a pose do so on their own, but the majority of students often follow my lead. knowing that people are truly following my example is humbling and weight-y, and I have struggled with knowing what point is the appropriate time to demonstrate the "full" pose so people know where we are heading (since the focus isn't on achieving "the perfect pose" anyway)... thanks for sparking this discussion!

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"…lately, I’ve been studying mindfulness…but keep getting distracted…which may just be the whole point…"

loved this. enjoy the Thich Naht Hanh quote, too...

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fantastic post, thanks so much... lovely imagery!

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hear hear!! fantastic points and I totally agree with you... yoga is all and for all, and I think it is important that we remind ourselves, each other and the yoga community of that often.