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You union people need to get rid of this Communist liar. He is not doing your union any favors and he certainly is not doing the United States of America ANY good. If you wany to know where the unions fit into the destructionof America, download "Sirens' Song - America's Destruction" from www.gov-truth.com and "read all about it".

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Yes, Yes, he was in the oval office with the VP and Secy of Defence, behind closed doors, plotting the cover story for the botched kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens (which he had previously dreamed up with the Muslim Brotherhood). We all know what happened, the problem is getting the so called press to say anything about it.

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The usurpation of power which does not exist (by members of the Executive Branch) must come to a halt. These actions are not legal. They have no basis in the law. View www.gov-truth.com for more on this subject.

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Michael Mann has certainly acted the part of the con man in creating phoney graphs and data. I would say he is possessed of far more arrogance than the law allows. From all appearances he has traded his reputation (and science) for money and the craving for fame.

This is not uncommon for today's "professionals", unfortunately. For more on this subject, view www.gov-truth.com

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The Senior branch (so to speak) was intended to be the house. Prove it? The government cannot do anything without money, and our forefathers declared that ALL bills which provided payment for anything, or finance generally would originate in the House. The President certainly has his say so regarding spending, but he is not legally permitted to spend anything without the House having appropriated the money. The Senate, which was supposed to have represented the States, also had a say in the matter, but only as to agreeing or disagreeing with the appropriations. My point is, without the House appropriating funding, NOTHING in government can be done. As has been said, they hold the purse strings. Therefore: Government springs from the People's House - All funding springs from the People's House. It is a weak Speaker that allows the President or Senate to control the government, because he has the tools to stop government action which is contrary to the People's wishes. It is not Republicans generally in the House which appear to have not done their jobs. It is the Speaker, who for whatever insane reason has colluded with the Executive branch in not bringing this government under control.

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Just a thought on the Obama administration and disobeying the law. Obama has violated pretty much EVERY law on the books which were put there to control the administration from causing grave harm to our citizens. He could care less because . . . Congress will not call him on it. We have three branches of government, ostensibly co-equal, however, when our founding fathers (who had far more intelligence that anyone in government, including the courts will give them credit for) founded this country, they made one body more important that the others. That was the House of Representatives, the House of the People. The President and his partners in crime want you to believe that the Executive branch is supreme, and the way they have been extending and usurping power these past four years, it would appear that indeed they are, however they are acting illegally.

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We are producing RELATIVELY more oil than in recent past years, however the price of oil depends on, not only by who or even how much oil is produced, but upon a balance between the amount and cost of production vs. the amount cosumed or demanded. It's not as simple as increasing domestic production. A more important goal would be to reduce or preferably eliminate foreign production and import. Oil prices and availability are being used as a weapon against the USA by foreign countries and interests.

One vexing problem is the amount of recoverable oil that has been sequestered (there's that word again) by the US government. It seems that where ever oil has been found in quantity, the government has stepped in and declared the land to be a national forest or some such BLM controlled property. This is a travesty and should be reversed post haste. It is simply one more form of theft from the American public that the government has engaged in. Land which was once scheduled and certainly should be returned to the states from which it was reserved or stolen should be returned - and henceforth, the federal government should use reason and restraint in stealing land and resources from the American public.

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Which is the network that has questioned Obama concerning his citizenship? It's certainly not Fox - maybe I've been watching the wrong network, because it has been pretty well determined, documented and accepted that the only birth certificate produced by Obama was a fraud. Fox appears to absolutely accept Obama's absurd story of immaculate birth without any verification - which network is it that has been airing this question. Thats the network I want to watch.

Concerning ETHICS! Ethics and the Constitution state that he must prove his credentials to be President - he has never done so. How much would you bet that he will not turn down $5 million from Trump because why - because he doesn't want anyone knowing he's a fraud like that birth certificate. America has been totally betrayed by the DNC.

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The truth about Islam and about Benghazi simply do not fit into Obama's Communist (or Muslim) view of the world. Therefore, you will NEVER hear the truth from the lips of Obama. He will obfuscate and prevaricate, and spin everything about reality to match his twisted view of the world. Why should anyone ask ; why? It's the nature of the beast. He is pathological, he can't help himself and all his upbringing has been in Islam and Communism. They are all he knows.

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Of course. Dirty Harry is a patriot - an American. Unfortunately many of the inhabitants of Washington DC are not either. How did we get where we are, sad though it might be? View www.gov-truth.com now.