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Some Freemium alternatives:

- The "Fill it up to gills of advertising unless you pay model."
- The Vanishing time window for looking at articles for free, model. Many newspapers lock you out of reference articles this way.
- The "crappy health system" model, limit maximum free views of an article in a specific time window. With free access to those premium subscribers.
- The "what's hot, what's not" model, limit access to articles with very high comment content. This can aid the moderation strategy.
- The NPR model. Shame everyone twice a year into contributing money to the site.

This comment has been brought to you by the letter A, Blue Mountain Coffee, and the number three.

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Have you found the on-line voting application that only shows 80% of the final vote yet?

With 80% of the clicks accounted for the winner is....

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The problem is that you never got 25 page 'informal' e-mails from some professors that I know.... ;^)

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No es lo mismo "le cochon est mort" que "se murió el cochino"...
You hit the nail in the head with that one! It captures the repulsion I felt the first time I listened to South park in spanish.

I don't think that it is easier for people to write in a language that is not theirs. It is really a matter of the practicality of the english language.

Expressing and idea in Spanish (even while speaking) normally requires grammatical flourishes, long sentences, deep constructs. Not because Spanish itself requires it, but because that is the way we are accustomed to writing in spanish. You would never say "no trespassing" you have to say "going beyond this point under any circumstances is heretofore forbidden".

In English you would drop all that 'extra' stuff and it is perfectly 'legal', expected, and even a sign of education, to express an idea in as few words as possible, and even better if it is done at a third grade reading level.

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A general suggestion for the entrants. Here are the main things I personally (not being any of the blog owners take that as it may) do not like of the existing layout:

- Rather browser heavy. It takes quite some time to finish loading (not as much as Miguel's blog, but I think that is a Blog Salon 'feature')

- Too flat an arrangement. With no topics/ indexes/classification/tags to help the reader get to specific content.

- Too narrow of a main column. It wastes too much space in my normal size browser window and requires quite a bit of scrolling.

- Intense Debate for comments. Need I say more?

On the graphics side I would probably reduce the text contrast with the background just a tad. (Design #1 does this by making the main text lighter.)

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I kinda like the banner in that third entry. It has this Caracas burning Je ne sais quoi...

Serif font for the main text thought? In a computer screen? That is really tiresome on your eyes.

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there goes my U.S. residency....

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#1, the Avila without the peaks? that's blasphemy and worthy of a jihad!!! I am ok with the B/W but it looks a bit too dramatic, and less inviting. I don't like the saturated yellow at all, it makes me feel I am in front of a cashier at the super market (in front of all the sensationalist tabloids). And Amieres, yes, I also have to scroll. Even in my wide screen I have to have the web page open from border to border to avoid the scroll bars (and there is a _lot_ of white space on those sidebars at that point.

#2, much cleaner/neater/nicer but you have to wonder if dividing content in their little compartments would improve or hinder communications.

Not too impressed so far though...

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I think the issue is much simpler than that JC, it is because we are elitists.

Let me explain: If we _tried_ to have these discussions in spanish (and we all have) we would be completely swamped by the signal to noise ratio. It is almost impossible to have a civilized discussion in spanish, the same way that it would have been to try to do so three or four years ago in the Huff or the Guardian. The sense of community we "select few" can bring about in these handful of blogs, is completely out of the question when yours is a voice among many in the cacophony of insults, false facts, and truthiness a prominent blog in spanish would attract.

Very few of us would like to be subjected to the abuse, the waste of time, and the stomach ulcers, such 'discussions' would entail. I have to ask, how many of you make any comments in Noticiero Digital? And what about Aporrea? Like it or not, by limiting these discussions to english, we are filtering out 99% of those Venezuelans At least 70% of which would not be able to recognize a civilized discussion even if it hit them in the face.

I rather confront my spanish-speaking chavistas/misguided oppo/Ni Nis the old fashioned way. One by one in a conversation.

There, I've said it. Flame on...

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I guess this must be the 'search for the guilty" stage. Wake me up when we enter the stage of : "Reward of the non-participant"

I'm starting with the man in the mirror
I'm asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change, yey
Na na na, na na na, na na na na oh ho....