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Too many unions today are out of touch and don't work closely enough with employers to ensure their overall success. Unfortunately there are even more companies that are out of touch with the middle class and don't offer wages and benefits that allow families to live and keep the economy moving. The country cannot have a thriving economy without a healthy middle class and over the last thirty years the middle class has systematically lost wages and benefits through numerous pieces of legislation initiated by corporations. Without some serious changes we will continue to see our standard of living diminish.

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Great job girls! Hope you keep the hot streak going.

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Wow, what was going on for the young lady to drift so far into the opposite lane for them to collide on the passenger side. May have been a good thing as it's probably the reason they both survived.

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We've heard about the high dropout rate in the same parts of Portland were the gang activity is highest. Make dropping out of school a crime and selectively place those involved in gangs into camps where they'll learn some manners and how to move their lives ahead in a positive manner. It would be very expensive but even the shortened life of a gang member is expense to the community in so many ways.

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That was awesome! Always great to see something so heartwarming.

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You are right on and we absolutely need to wait for the Supreme Court decision on the Arizona law. If it is upheld then numerous other States will follow and Oregon could become a destination of choice for many illegals fleeing their current state of residence. That would become a monumental catastrophe for the real Oregonians.

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Thanks for the link, sent him a message this morning.

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(if you partake even a tiny bit and then drive - you should be held accountable for breaking the "under the influence" law)

Would you apply that same logic to all prescription drugs as well, including anti-depressants, or do you think it should be based on a specific measurable level of the substance and the presumed impairment as with alcohol?

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There probably will be some migration of homeless and illegal’s in search of healthcare since Oregon obviously has a sanctuary state mentality. However, a plan to reduce the overall cost of medical care is desperately needed. It seems that some people don't realize that those of us who have health insurance today are already paying for those that don't and generally at Emergency room rates. I realize everyone wants to keep what's theirs and not help out the deadbeats but at the same time don't mind (or realize) they are feathering the nest of corporations and the well-to-do through their tax breaks and our reduced wages and benefits. At the rate we're going it won't be long until the US is made up of the rich, government workers and the poor. Sadly most of us will fall in the bottom sector.

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Even outside of the military the right of free speech doesn't come with any guarantee that there will be no consequences as the result of our free speech.