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Editorial alert: Unless pessimism is a dress, you can't 'sew' it. The proper word here is 'SOW pessimism'.

As for the polls: the only sector of the right wing in America that is antiwar are the fringe libertarians. Any public GOP officials against the war are this way ONLY because they oppose anything the Democrats do. There was nearly no opposition to the war from them when Bush was President.

Obama is losing his own party. The left has been against these wars even when it was popular with the majority of Americans. Now, the left has, as usual, been betrayed by the Democrats. There are no big antiwar demonstrations because the left is severely divided by the issue of Israel: many Jews who are traditionally against many wars in general, do NOT want to have demonstrations that are aimed at Israel itself. Fears that demonstrations will get 'out of control' and the speakers will attack the apartheid state in the Middle East causes many organizers on the left to hesitate so we have no demonstrations.