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There is a LOT of talent in that picture and more than a few guys will be playing on Sundays.

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That stinks but best wishes for a speedy recovery to Norm.

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Ouch, tough weekend for Mark as big brother Bobby's team were rude to his defense.

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I really, really like our chances in this game. And if we do win I really, really like our chances us and OSU both being undefeated.

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My opinion is Chaney is fast but the coaches don't trust him with the ball and that's why we haven't seen him this season.

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How did Minny losing embarrass Iowa? I thought it was hysterical. Watching their pathetic defense in the 4th quarter had me in stitches.

USC could bring their 2nd and 3rd team only and they'll win by 30. That game is going to get uglier than an ISU coed.

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I think we walk out of Az. with them getting a butt whupping by us. This team is clicking on all cylinders ALREADY and that doesn't bode well for opponents.

Too many veteran players who are well grounded individuals to let them get big headed and one of the best coaches in the country. That is a hell of a combination.

And I completely agree, we have been as polished as we were in our bowl games, stunning.

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AR is just hard to bring down, period.

Jewel is close, already, to haviing his "legs" and it's going to get nasty when he;s ready to roll. You could see the burst he had, that AR doesn't today. That being said, AR is a flat out stud and very much under appreciated. Kid is a BEAR!

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Sad, sad individual.

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A goal line fumble and the overthrown pass to McNutt don't happen and we lay fitty on EIU.

Did anyone see us potentially scoring 50 in a game this year? I think they looked very poised and crisp for a game one and KF teams traditionally improve as the season wears on.

We have too many weapons not to score a LOT of points.

Maybe I am wrong, that's why I don't gamble....