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Hi Jeff!

Ackkk - I've been waffling on this and the clock is ticking - days have already passed. Where do we sign up? Is this it? Is there a forum where all your participants interact? or are you doing it all on twitter with the hashtag #HAHD? Thank you for the nudge, Jeff!

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Hi Andrew!

Great to meet you! Thank you for commenting on my TH&G blog :).

Just tried to comment before figuring out the login for Intense Debate - so this may seem a bit redundant. Sorry about that! Still really new to social media.

I think the future is whatever we want to make of it. We have a very unified community here in Japan, and the dominant culture supports that so I expect that to continue. The more we support each other and work together, the more clients we get and the greater our successes grow, and the more beautiful the world becomes as a result as more and more people are creating their own healing with this super simple tool of EFT/meridian tapping.

I look forward to greatness from you, Andrew, and creating the brightest future we possibly can!

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Hi Jeff! Great to meet you Maritza! I think you hit a home run with this one. Really liking your message of gratitude - and I would LOVE to share my biz with my son (he's 6, but never too early to start on some level, right?). Can't wait to find out more about what you're creating in this space. Hugs to you both!

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Jeff - this is wild. It's not Sunday, but it is the second time today I've seen/heard about soldiers burning boats! What is the difference between burning boats and burning bridges? I wonder if this is out there in the group consciousness in part because of Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing this, Jeff.