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Gonna show my age.., but LORDY I wanted to be a Hawkins with Walters' group... No... oooooh... Neeeever!!

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I'm only six tunes in.., and I just had to stop and say DOWNLOAD now.., TONIGHT, this release. EVERYONE HURTS.., my soul. BUT THE BLOOD, anointed... I've needed someone to truly put the LYRIC up front and center like this... and truly take us back to the power of the Word and these Simple Honest Truths. Bravo Kirk... I will never get to the end if I don't stop repeating these songs !!

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I've had both through the years, but think the monochromatic lights are easier to design around. All red or all clear lights on white trees, all amber or all red lights on green trees... whatever your color scheme is.. and then it doesn't look so out of place 'after' Christmas. You can still leave them on through New Years and enjoy the lights, longer, I feel than the multi-colored ones.

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When you do find 'time' to maintain all of this, brother? Impressive, to say the least.