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Yes, please!

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Pretty :)

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My sentiments exactly :-/...

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Le hot!

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Big words are fine, I have been speaking English since I was 3 and went to an Ivy League college in the States. I'm fine with big words - it's actually a turn-on to hear people use them appropriately and eloquently. It's just the sneaky wordplay and double entendres that I have some trouble with. And don't even get me started on puns... :)

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Yeah sorry. I am a very literal person, usually, when speaking in English. I kinda never got the whole wordplay, sarcasm bits of it :). I understand what you're saying and how it can be seen as dismissive tho, but truly what I meant is "haha, teehee, that word just sounds funny to me". :)

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Just a personal opinion, I don't like the way they sound :). Silly. I don't think having an opinion and a personal dislike is being judgmental :). And, as I don't see a dislike of either/both female or male pronouns as being judgmental, I don't see why a dislike of neutral pronouns should be...

English is not my native language, but there is a growing tendency to use gender neutral pronouns in my language too, created by mashing up female and male pronouns. Whatever the language tho, to me, personally, they sound silly. "Hilarious" in that they make me laugh. Because they sound funny, I dunno... :) Again, I don't like them for myself, but have no problem using gender neutral pronouns if other people ask me to use them when talking about them (wow, what a sentence - I hope you get what I mean...)

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My new favorite answer to that question is "No. Are you?"

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The girl in brown looks like Sheetal Sheth from The World Unseen and I Can't Think Straight :)